Influencer Jayda Cheaves is speaking out for the first time since her public arrest in Jamaica this past summer.

The now 24-year-old who was celebrating her birthday on the Caribbean island was arrested for illegal possession of a firearm and ammunition says she was “shaking in her boots.”

She goes on to explain that she didn’t realize how real things were until she was placed in the back of a police car.

“At first, I was like they not about to take me to jail. They’re going to take the guns and we going to go our way,” she told her supporters on Instagram live. “Y’all, when they put me in the back of that police car, I was honestly shaking in my boots.”

Cheaves, who was arrested with her friend Greg, says she didn’t know the firearms were illegal because they flew in by a private jet and authorities checked their bags on arrival.  

It wasn’t until she was leaving that she realized she made a mistake. She says the situation got even more intense because she was told she would be taken to a separate jail.

“They were saying they have to take us to two different jails. They were trying to take me to the country, whatever that is, meanwhile, he got to stay in the city…the men’s jail in Jamaica. The women’s jail is far out … I was so scared.”

“Here’s my problem. I’m out of the country so, I can’t just pick up the phone and call. I’m done. I was offering them, people, everything. I’m like, ‘ya’ll can have my watch, ya’ll can have my chain,'” she added in an effort to see If authorities would let her go.

Jamaican authorities let her and Greg go the next day after staying an additional night in Jamaica followed by court the next morning.

Cheaves also mentioned how she had to take a more than $40,000 loss after the lawyer she hired made her wire him $50,000.

“The court fees only came out to $5,000. He kept all the money… he did refund $4,000 so, I just had to take back the ‘L’.”

Despite her legal challenges, the experience didn’t deter her from Jamaica.

“I would go back. I just know not to bring my glocks.”