Items Every Black Woman Should Pack For Beautiful Pictures in Bali
Photo Credit: Photo Credit: Matteo Colombo

Photo Credit: Photo Credit: Matteo Colombo

Items Every Black Woman Should Pack For Beautiful Pictures in Bali

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Parker Diakite
Parker Diakite Apr 21, 2023

Bali is a bucket list destination for travelers as it’s filled with a natural landscape beyond your wildest dreams.

It’s a destination often synonymous with peace and relaxation for a good reason, as it’s full of endless greenery and ocean views that belong on a postcard.  

With so much natural beauty in Bali, it’s hard to take a bad picture. For a beach photo, head to Seminyak Beach, where you have more than a mile of white sand. The sunset here is one of the best photographs in the city.

If you’re visiting Ubud, you don’t want to leave without a picture of the famous Tegalalang Rice Terraces. You want to photograph the iconic irrigation system used on the island since the 8th Century.

You can also take your picture on one of the many Bali swings, a popular attraction that offers the best photos over the rice fields.

As you celebrate the trip of a lifetime and document your journey through pictures, you want to look your best since the possibility of unique views is endless, thanks to Bali’s beauty.

Here’s what every Black woman should pack for beautiful pictures in Bali.

Iconic Flying Dress For Beach, Bali Swing, Rice Fields

BBsquareclothing Flying Dress
Photo Credit: Etsy

Flying dresses are perfect for your picture on the Bali Swing or drone shots over unique accommodations such as a tree house or running through the fields. The key to nailing the flying dress picture is a long train and a beautiful bold color.

Etsy seller BB Square Clothing has many colors and long-train styles perfect for your shoot abroad.

Flattering One Piece Short Jumpsuit For City Shots

Feeling confident in your pictures is critical to a great photo. This one-piece short jumpsuit is fashionable and flattering for various body types.

Wear it on the days when you’re photographing yourself while exploring the city.

Wide-Brim Hat For Pictures In Villa Pools and Beaches

A good hat can turn a good picture into a great one. Hats are great for beach pictures with a swimsuit.

This oversized beach straw hat screams elegance and grace while keeping you safe from the sun. The hat prevents more than 98% of all UV rays, ultimately keeping the sun off your face, neck, and shoulders.

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Straw Panama Hat For Rice Fields

For the rice fields, you want a hat that does not distract from the natural beauty of the landscape around you. A more oversized hat like the one you would wear for a beach or pool photoshoot could be distracting.

An alternative is this stylish fedora. It hat has a neutral cut and elegant brim you can style with your favorite linens during your photo shoots in the rice field.

Hat For Pictures At Days Spas and Local Markets

Accessorize Open Weave Floppy Hat
Photo Credit: Accessorize

When you venture off to places like Bodyworks Spa for the Balinese-style flower bath, remember that these are also great places for photos, so arrive early.

Bodyworks Spa has a Morrocan feel, so you want to photograph in a hat that shows your fashion and the architecture.

This open-weave hat is an excellent option for beautiful day spas or when you photograph your inner explorer moments at a local market.

Show Your Style In Vintage Sunglasses

Sunglasses are also great for amazing pictures and can capture your unique style.

Instead of one pair, purchase a variety pack to better coordinate with your background and fashion.

Accessorize With Starfish Hair Clips

$8.99 ($2.25 / Count)
OBTANIM 4 Pcs Starfish Hair Clip Accessories
Photo Credit: Amazon

Another way to capture a great photo is with unique accessories. This starfish hair clip set is perfect for the beach and can be worn with your favorite vacation styles, such as braids and curls.

Travel Selfie Gear If You Don’t Have A Photographer

When things go wrong, as they sometimes will, be sure to have a backup option for taking pictures if your photographer cannot make it.

You can capture your photos in Bali with the UBeesize 10″ Ring Light. You can adjust the light between warm, cool white, daylight, and more.

The tripod will hold your phone and comes with a remote control, so you don’t have to touch your cellphone to start the video or selfie.

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