Italy’s Most Romantic Stroll The ‘Path of Love’ Reopens
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Italy’s Most Romantic Stroll The ‘Path of Love’ Reopens

Jasmine Osby
Jasmine Osby Aug 14, 2023

Italy is known internationally as a romantic destination. Some even say the country rivals Paris’ romantic allure. Now, lover lane in Italy is getting even more fanciful.The Path of Love, or Via dell’Amore, is now reopened to the public.

Through September 30, visitors can stroll down what’s considered to be “the most romantic walk in the world.” The Path of Love closed down in 2012 after a landslide. After extensive renovations, the first portion of the 75 mile trail is reopened. 

Despite being closed for so long, the beauty of Via dell’Amore is still stunning. There are a few changes happening with the reopened trails. However, a visit to the Path of Love is a must-see for anyone headed to Italy.

Iconic Views  

Path of Love
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The Path of Love winds around the five Italian villages that make up Cinque Terre. Overlooking the coast, the cliff slide walk provides some of the best views. Recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, only the first portion of the trail is open to visitors. The full 2,950-foot trail will reopen in July 2024.

Visitors will walk along the Ligurian Sea, taking in stunning views from all sides. It’s the perfect place for photo opts and the tour takes about 30 minutes to complete. Via dell’Amore also has a bit of mystery to it. Visitors are encouraged to respect the local traditions of Cinque Terre. If they do not, legend has it that the path of love turns into a “walk of shame.”

A Few Changes 

Before the landslide, the Path of Love was free to everyone. However, Italy has been having issues with overcrowding due to tourism. There are a few new rules to keep in mind when visiting the Via dell’Amore. 

Instead of free admission, all visitors will have to pay five euros to enjoy the stroll. According to the Via dell’Amore website, there is still free admission for children under three and disabled visitors. 

Additionally, to help control overcrowding, visitors have to make a reservation for a guided tour. Each tour can accommodate 30 people. The admission cost admits visitors to the Path of Love and the Riomaggiore Castle. It also includes downloadable audio content about the tour.

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