Beyond the mainland, the United States encompasses territories adorned with picturesque beaches and azure waters. Whether it is Puerto Rico or Hawaii, the opportunity to relax in a paradisiacal setting persists. Here’s a compilation of islands you can explore without the need for a passport.


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A closed-loop cruise offers a convenient way to journey to Bermuda without requiring a passport. Departing from the northeast coast of the United States, these cruises take advantage of Bermuda’s popularity as a destination. This British Overseas Territory boasts a wealth of colonial history, distinctive architecture and breathtaking natural marvels. The Crystal Cave is a deep cavern adorned with glistening stalactites and shimmering blue waters.

St. Croix

St. Croix presents an alluring option for Americans seeking a passport-free getaway, despite being part of the US Virgin Islands. Positioned independently, 45 miles to the south of St. Thomas and St. John, the island fostered distinct cultural traits that permeate its experiences.

It’s not just its cultural identity that sets St. Croix apart. The island showcases stunning beauty and a rich history. Its coastlines have white-sand beaches and a network of hiking trails weaves across its ridgelines. The Buck Island Reef National Monument, an uninhabited isle, boasts one of the region’s finest beaches and a mesmerizing coral reef. It encapsulates the island’s mesmerizing allure.


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The Bahamas emerges as a premier destination for Americans to explore without a passport. Many cruises setting sail from Fort Lauderdale or Miami include a stop in Nassau before venturing deeper into the waters. For those seeking a swift escape, even short weekend cruises to this enchanting archipelago are an amazing offer.

Within The Bahamas, you’ll encounter captivating coastlines adorned with mangroves, pristine white-sand beaches and vibrant coral reefs near the shore. Each cruise line offers its own island stops, ensuring an array of unique experiences for every traveler.

American Samoa

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American Samoa stands as another alluring destination accessible to Americans without the need for a passport. Although entry requirements for US citizens underwent heightened scrutiny in 2022, entry remains feasible without a valid passport. A government-issued ID, alongside an authenticated birth certificate and a confirmed outbound ticket from American Samoa within 30 days, pave the way for passport-free travel.

Nestled in the South Pacific between Fiji and the Cook Islands, American Samoa captures a unique essence. Along with the Northern Mariana Islands, it presents itself as one of the more challenging US territories to explore. The journey is marked by a mere two weekly direct flights departing from Hawaii, painting a picture of the captivating remoteness that awaits eager adventurers.

Puerto Rico

street in Puerto Rico
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Among the myriad options for passport-free travel, Puerto Rico reigns as a top contender, boasting a treasure trove of experiences. This expansive Latin American island stands as the largest US territory with a steady stream of flights arriving in San Juan daily.

Once you set foot in Puerto Rico, the array of possibilities seems boundless. For surf enthusiasts, Rincon beckons with its waves. History buffs can hike to iconic lighthouses near Cabo Rojo. The adventurous travelers can paddle across bioluminescent bays. The journey to this enchanting paradise opens the door to a world of diverse and captivating experiences.


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Venturing to the alluring islands of Hawaii is within reach for Americans, without the need for a passport. The gateway to these stunning landscapes requires nothing more than a government-issued ID for air travel.

Hawaii’s cultural tapestry is Polynesian, offering a singular departure from the US. The possibilities are as diverse as they are enticing. Travelers can ascend the volcanic slopes of the Big Island, ride the waves in Maui, or unwind on the sandy shores of Honolulu. Hawaii is ready with a bounty of offerings for a splendid and invigorating escape.