Is Valladolid Worth A Visit? Here Are The Best Spots In This Less Traveled Yucatán Town
Photo Credit: TN

Photo Credit: TN

Is Valladolid Worth A Visit? Here Are The Best Spots In This Less Traveled Yucatán Town

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Amara Amaryah
Amara Amaryah Mar 31, 2022

Valladolid sits directly between expat hub Mérida and Cancún. It is a small town famed for its prettiness and being one of the most magical pueblo magicos that the region has to offer. Aside from its delightful pastel walls, Valladolid has a lot to offer the traveler looking to enjoy life off the beaten path. Here are a few hand-picked Travel Noire favorite activities while wandering around Valladolid: 

See Chichen Itza, one of the seven wonders of the world

Credit: Amara Amaryah

This is by far the main reason travelers should consider Valladolid. The journey to Chichen Itza is around an hour from Valladolid by bus and is super affordable in comparison to other popular tourist towns in the region.

We don’t need to tell you how worth it the journey will be… Chichen Itza is one of the world’s seven wonders for a reason. You’ll spend a whole day soaking in the grandness and be back home in an hour to enjoy a sunset in Valladolid, which never disappoints.

Ek Balam, a less visited historical temple worth seeing

Credit: Amara Amaryah

In terms of impressive Mexican sites, Ek Balam is another one to add to your radar. Ek Balam is just over an hour away and very easily accessed by the colectivos that run from Valladolid. The great thing about visiting Ek Balam is that you are able to actually climb the temple (or the ruins as they are often called). The view from the top is beyond breathtaking.

Take a morning trip to Uayma

Uayma is your quintessentially Mexican Yucatán village. That is to say it is very pretty and relatively slow-paced. Stroll around and slowly get to know the area and find your way to the main square and church to be amazed at the design from the outside. Being a 20 minute drive outside of Valladolid, this is a quick trip that doesn’t tend to get very crowded but is a not-so-hidden patch of beauty in the Valladolid neighboring area.

Stop at Paxuko for authentic Mexican food

Paxuko recently opened its doors this year and it has already made its mark in the small town. As a Mexican cafetería, home-made restaurant, co-working space, artisanal shop and all-round place to chill, Paxuko is a dining space like no other. With a fresh menu that changes every day, visitors can scan the Instagram barcode and check out what is on offer while chilling in the shoe-less zone.

The menu is always seasonal and updated daily but always incredible, there are also options for vegans! Whatever you order, Pablo and Youmna will ensure you get the best Mexican flavors, with combinations you have never tried before. Ask for the horchata and a side order of guacamole, it will change your standard of guac from that moment onwards.

Cool off in Cenote Oxman

Valladolid cenote
Credit: Amara Amaryah

One of the best things about the Yucatán peninsula is that cenotes can be found everywhere. One of the most precious ones worth checking out is Cenote Oxman which also has an adjacent hacienda for some gorgeous scenery after cooling off from the heat in the natural cenote.

Get the best ice cream of your life at Wabi Gelato

While we’re talking about cooling off (you catch the theme here, Valladolid s HOT), you’ll want to stop for some of the best ice cream in town. Head over to Wabi Gelato for some of the best ice cream on offer – vegans are welcome too for once. Try the pineapple and cilantro flavored ice cream – you will not regret it.

Los Frappes

We’ve left out the Calzada de los Frailes because every traveler list for Valladolid will mention this. If you visit Valladolid we’re sure you’ll find it, it has some of the most popular tourist spots, restaurants and boutiques.

A little treasure at the end of the Calzada is Los Frappes. It is a restaurant bar and an ideal place to salsa while Cuban musicians do what Cuban musicians were born and blessed to do, impress everyone with sweet sounding music on open rooftops. Los Frappes is where you’ll find good live music and traditional Mexican food and drinks – always – and the best part is you’ll find Mexicans and travelers alike enjoying the vibes together. No better way to enjoy a magical night in this magic town.

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