The pilot of a flight asks everyone to push the blinds down as they embark on a seven-hour journey to their destination. Mainly, for passengers to get some rest during their flight. Nonetheless, a woman sitting across the aisle from one passenger soon reopens her blinds and just stares out the window. Though made aware the light from the open window is disturbing other passengers, she refuses to close them.

The passenger walks over to the woman and kindly asks if she can close the window, but she refuses. A half hour or hour into the flight, she finally closes the blinds.

After the incident, the passenger posted on Reddit to ask other people if she was being unreasonable. 

They wrote: “The pilot came on as the flight started and told everyone to shut their blinds as it was a 7 hour flight and many would be sleeping.”

“90 minutes later a woman across the aisle opened her window and just sat there looking at the Atlantic Ocean.”


“I was awoken by this as was the stranger next to me. I got up after 20ish minutes and walked over to ask them to please close their blind so others could sleep as was announced.”

“She and her husband looked at me like I’d asked them to jump out said window. I pressed and 30 minutes later they finally closed it for the remainder of the flight. The level of light went down exponentially when it shut.”

Now many of the commenters were on the woman’s side, making the case that she paid for her window seat ticket so she was entitled to do as she pleased.

One said: “The person with the shade open paid for their ticket the same and should be able to use their space as they see fit.”

A second said: “If you wanted a shared space to be dark, why didn’t you bring a sleeping/eye mask?”

However, many did support the passenger’s perspective, stating the pilot did tell everyone to close their blinds so the other passengers can get rest.


One said: “The pilot told everyone to shut their blinds. If the person flying the plane says to do something, it’s not optional at that point.”

Share with us what you think? Should you be courteous to fellow passengers and close the blinds, or is it really your choice to make since you paid for the seat?

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