Find Your Center Anywhere On Vacay With These Incense Products
Photo Credit: Photo by CA Creative

Photo Credit: Photo by CA Creative

Find Your Center Anywhere On Vacay With These Incense Products

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Spencer Jones
Spencer Jones Feb 15, 2023

Looking for the top picks in incense? Travel Noire’s got you covered!

Are you looking for inner peace when you’re traveling the globe?

According to Sea Witch Botanicals, “incense originated in Egypt, where it was used by priests for fumigating tombs.” Incense has historically been utilized in ceremonies, rituals, and spiritual and religious occasions. People have capitalized on the benefits of this product across time and cultures.

Sea Witch Botanicals explains, “incense has many forms, but in the simplest definition, it’s any plant matter which is burned for its aromatic or spiritual properties.” Regardless of its form, incense has a way of purifying and transforming any space into a cradle of peace.

Check out these incense products to throw in your suitcase for your next vacation.

Folkulture Sticks

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Treat yourself to this beautiful set of six incense sets. With a total of 120 sticks and a variety of scents, you get to take your pick. the scents in this set include coconut and mango, oriental aqua, green tea, ocean salt, rose and geranium, and orange blossom.

With a burn time of 45 minutes each, these incense sticks will transport you to another world. You can put on some relaxing music to further set the mood. Amazon customers almost gave the Folkulture Incense Sticks a five-star rating.

“This package of incense smells amazing and each scent is individually packaged and sealed,” one customer wrote, ” Also, they came in great condition and good quality of incense — not falling apart and broken in the bottom of the bag like some I’ve seen. Will definitely order these again in the future.”

A second person lauded the “deep, rich aromatic scents.”

Simply Vedic

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Whether you’re doing yoga, meditation or just relaxing, try these long-lasting incense sticks, courtesy of the Simply Vedic line.

Each stick can burn for about an hour. This is not only great for yoga and meditation, but it can accompany prayer sessions, and energy-cleansing sessions and simply make the space smell great.

These special sticks are hand-rolled in accordance with the traditional Vedic method, and customers remark that the scents aren’t overwhelming. One person said that one stick managed to add fragrance to their 3,000-square-foot home without causing a headache.

Raajsee Incense Set

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This set from the Raajsee line is a great choice, whether you purchase it for yourself or as a gift. They are made using a blend of essential oils, natural wood powder, and herbs. What makes it even better is that there are no toxins.

The scents include blue blast, rose beds, forest fog, millions on my mind, and berri-a-licious. They are individually packaged, and the set comes with an incense holder — a work of art in and of itself.


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This charming holder is shaped like a lotus and is a symbol of peace and purity in many Asian cultures. There are six holes for the incense sticks, and it’s crafted using high-quality zinc alloy. This incense holder is the perfect addition to a living area, yoga room, study, or tea house. Incense typically comes in a stick variety, but this holder is also cone and coil-friendly.

With proper care, this holder can last many years, and customers praise the fact that it’s easy to clean, well-made, and fairly priced.

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