Jasmine Ama was ready for a change from Australia because she was ready to find balance in her life. She left her job as a social worker for six years to buy a three-bedroom home in Ghana.

In an interview with Travel Noire, Ama discusses how her life has changed since purchasing her home.

Travel Noire: What inspired you to leave Australia to buy a house In Ghana?

Jasmine Ama: I have always been interested in living in Ghana, even though it took me a while to make solid plans to do so. Ghana is my first home as my parents are from here. I love the food and culture in comparison to that of Australia. There is also a vast pool of opportunities to tap into in Ghana, given that it’s still developing. 

Courtesy of Jasmine Ama | Homeowner, Ghana
Courtesy of Jasmine Ama | Homeowner, Ghana

TN: How has your life changed since purchasing your home? 

Jasmine Ama: I wouldn’t say buying a house alone has made me feel happier. It’s a whole lifestyle change that has made me feel happier and free. Having control around how I work each day, being among people that are like me, and living in a country that is more laid back; all have played a part in me feeling happier and more content. 

Travel Noire: Can you explain your process and how long it took to buy from when you began searching?

Jasmine Ama: It took me 6 weeks in total to find my home and buy it. I came on a trip to Ghana with the sole purpose of finding a home and buying it. So, on that trip, I visited different properties almost daily and eventually found what I wanted. 

Courtesy of Jasmine Ama | Homeowner, Ghana

Travel Noire: Lastly, for our readers who want to make a move, can you tell us why you recommend people moving and buying a home in Ghana? 

Jasmine Ama: I will say only move if this is something you are genuinely interested in. Please don’t do it because it’s a popular thing these days. Once you have identified that it’s truly what you want, make some solid plans regarding your finances, home, and how you plan to integrate into the community. Buying or building a home in Ghana is advisable as it cuts down your monthly living expenses by a huge amount given that rent can be costly. It’s also advisable to build or buy here because it is fairly cheap if you are smart about what area you buy or build in. 

Ama explains more about her buying process in Ghana and her monthly breakdown budget on her YouTube Channel. You can also keep up with her on Instagram.

Courtesy of Jasmine Ama | Homeowner, Ghana

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