If you’ve ever wanted to experience living like one of the characters from “Frozen”, now is your chance. There are winter wonderlands popping up across the U.S. and Canada, perfect for a fairytale-esque escape. 

Ice Castles has been in business since 2011 and has been curating winter experiences worth traveling for.


According to Ice Castles, “Although Ice Castles has grown significantly since then [the very beginning], our mission remains the same — to create happiness, laughter, and unforgettable winter memories.”

What started off as the founder, Brent Christensen building his own mini ice castle at his house in Utah has transformed into six stunning locations. The Ice Castles are located in Dillon, Colorado; New Brighton, Minnesota; North Woodstock, New Hampshire; Lake Geneva, Wisconsin; Midway, Utah; and Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.


When visiting these locations, you can expect interesting mazes, light shows and more. As a result of the various climates of each location, the construction and curation of each castle are unique.

Ryan Davis, Ice Castles CEO, tells NBC: “Mother Nature is our primary architect, and we are always amazed by what she allows us to create each season. Our crew in Colorado has been working hard over the last few weeks laying out the castle’s design so we can build a unique, winter experience that is fun for people of all ages.”


Although there is no official opening date as yet, you can head to the Ice Castle’s Instagram account to see what’s in store.