Traveling For Work? Here Are 5 Ways To Experience A New City During A Business Trip
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Traveling For Work? Here Are 5 Ways To Experience A New City During A Business Trip

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Bianca Lambert
Bianca Lambert Sep 26, 2018

In a recent survey conducted by Hilton Hotels & Resorts, seventy-five percent of millennials see travel as a coveted work perk. Mixing business with pleasure has become so popular among young professionals that the travel industry has come up with a new word merging the two —“bleisure.” We know your schedule is full of meetings, events, and conference breakout sessions, but carve out a little time for yourself.


Here are five ways to get to know a city even if your schedule is jam-packed.


Eat Local

You’ve got to eat, right? Yelp restaurants close to your hotel or office that are local gems. Eating local is a great way to try city cuisine staples while supporting the local economy.


Get Moving

The average working person spends 10 hours a day sitting. Get moving! If you have a little time between meetings or want to get out of the office for lunch? Take a walk or bike around the city for an hour. Walking not only improves your mood, but it can get your creative juices flowing — oh, and you’ll burn off some calories, too.


Visit A Museum

Visiting a local museum offers an opportunity to learn about the history of a city. Make it a team building experience, and invite your colleagues along.


Buy Tickets To An Event

Want to cheer on your favorite player at a basketball game? Is your favorite band in town? Has it been a dream to see a show on Broadway? Once you have your confirmed travel itinerary, buy those tickets. If you have a friend that lives in town, invite them to go with you.


Take A Tour

Let out your inner tourist — we won’t judge you. If you’re a history buff, take a tour of a city landmark. If you love real estate, take a home tour. If you love celebrity gossip, take a tour of Hollywood.


Whatever your interests, make time to disconnect from the workday and explore the place you’re calling home while you’re away. You won’t regret it.

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