If you haven’t heard, Puerto Viejo is a certified contender for paradise on earth, so it makes sense that a perfect Sunday in Puerto Viejo is on the to-experience list. On the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica in the Límon province, it is a small tourist town known for its Jamaican roots. The slow port town is loved by many. While it’s true, every day could feel like a Sunday in this patch of Costa Rica, we gathered resources for the best possible Sunday.

Offering all the goodness you’d expect from a coastal town, Puerto Viejo has many beach options as well as a chance to escape into the dense beach-adjacent jungles. Here is what a perfect Sunday in Puerto Viejo looks like:

Wake up to the beach

There is nothing more precious than waking up to the sound of waves. Start the day off at the beach, taking time to revel in the secluded beach behind Salsa Brava or head up to the Black sand beach. You might find many meditating, taking a morning swim, or enjoying a fruit-filled breakfast on the beach. 

Bag full of fruit

Speaking of tropical fruit, head over to the town’s favorite, ‘El Mercadito’, and grab the freshest pineapples and mangos and anything else that catches your eye. On Sunday morning, it opens at 8 a.m. 

Time for a massage

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Now that you’ve woken up a bit, what better way to ease into the day than with a massage? Puerto Viejo is a renowned wellness hub in Central America, particularly for Black traveling women. Many enjoy the abundance of retreats, wellness programs, and massage studios.

Check out PURE Jungle Spa, just on the edge of the town, this massage studio has 15+ years in business and an abundance of experience/practice. Nothing can destroy your zen after a massage that resets your mind and body for another week in the Caribbean. 

Take a bike ride


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Puerto Viejo is known for being a very bikeable location. Rent a bike and take a ride around the Irie town, taking in the Caribbean vibes and maybe stopping for a Jamaican patty once you reach the town center. 

Get a table at Lidia’s Place to get some authentic Caribbean food

When you get hungry, there is one place that will fill your stomach but also your heart. Lidia’s Place is a favorite in Puerto Viejo and the eponymous owner can often be found ready to greet you and offer you some worldly advice. 

Lidia’s Place is the go-to for traditional Caribbean and Costa Rican classics. That is to say, you’re going to get the best of both worlds and see why the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica is famous for its tasty cuisines.

End the day with purple sunsets at Playa Cocles


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Save the final hours of the day for Playa Cocles, you’ll thank us for it. This prized beach has gorgeous sunset views guaranteed, and if you’re lucky, you’ll have a chance to join a volleyball game or watch the bonfire.

Another option is to simply chill and take in the joy of being in such a wonderful, slow town on a Sunday. A pura vida moment if ever there was one. 

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