How To Refresh After A Red-Eye Flight
Photo Credit: ©Pixabay| Nonpixelz

Photo Credit: ©Pixabay| Nonpixelz

How To Refresh After A Red-Eye Flight

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Bianca Lambert
Bianca Lambert Jan 9, 2019

If you’ve ever flown on a red-eye flight, you understand how difficult it can be to feel and look great afterward — even if you’ve gotten a little shut-eye on the plane. This was my experience after I forced to book a last-minute red-eye flight to make a 9:55 am meeting. Here’s how I got myself together in the airport bathroom in 20 minutes!

Eat Well And Hydrate Before Take Off

Before I boarded my flight, I picked up a green juice and green tea at Starbucks. I knew that I’d want to beat the bloat that airport food can cause. I also wanted to make sure my body stayed nourished and hydrated so that even with potential bags under my eyes, I’d still feel good. Well, as great as one could feel after a six-hour flight in the middle of the night.

Have Your Carry-On Beauty Kit Handy

There are a few items I never board a plane without —makeup wipes, rose water, Vitamin C serum, concealer, powder, mascara, and nude lipstick. Makeup wipes are essential for two reasons: they’re compact, and they won’t leak into your carry-on. With these six items, I was able to cleanse, tone, and moisturize my skin while using the concealer to cover up dark circles. While the mascara made my tired eyes look awake and the nude lipstick pulled my no-makeup makeup look together.

Ignore The Funny Looks

Getting yourself together in the airport bathroom isn’t ideal. Not only did I have to take up so much space on the bathroom counter to pull my face together, but I had to revive my 4c hair, too. I could see the looks from the women coming out of the stalls to wash their hands, but I ignored their curious (and annoyed) glances and continued my routine.

Don’t Forget To Refuel

If you’re on a time crunch like I was, eating will likely be the last thing on your mind but if you have the time, then make it a priority. Grab a bottle of water, a green juice (or whatever healthy drink you like to start your day with), and coffee. Your adrenaline will make you think you’re energized, but the moment you sit down after running around, you might feel your energy levels drop.

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