Guatemala is a destination that is high on the Travel Noire list and Black travelers are checking out this country more and more. With a country that hosts so much abundance, it is hard to know what to pack for a trip to Guatemala. We’ve written about the trends that inspire Black travelers and we’ve also explored some of our favorite views in the country and now all that is left to do is pack and get on the flight!

We’re looking at the realities of packing for Guatemala and the many terrains as well as things that are easy to forget. Central America in general is full of lush lands. Guatemala is one of the top biodiverse countries in the region. Expect jungles and coastal regions as well as cities and lakes. Packing while moving through the country can be tricky. Read on to find out how to pack for a trip to Guatemala.

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Activated Charcoal

Packing for a trip to Guatemala
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Activated charcoal is an essential supplement to pack when traveling to Guatemala. It is an effective safeguard from food poisoning which is a common issue travelers have when visiting the country. As with most of Central America, you have to be super careful the drinking the water. This includes not eating vegetables and fruit washed in tap water and even avoiding ice in your drinks. Having activated charcoal capsules on hand makes your gut health maintenance all the smoother. We recommend the Maxxglow activated charcoal capsules derived from coconut shells. 

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Underwater camera

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What is a tip to Guate without jumping into one of the many bodies of water? There is nothing more satisfying than taking a cool dip in one of Guatemala’s natural wonders. Be it the natural pools at Semuc Champey or River Dulce on the way to Livingston, there is something incredible to experience. Don’t let water be the boundary, Guatemala has goodness to explore even beneath the waters. The underwater camera will allow you to capture memories that will stay with you forever. Add this one to your packing list. 

Day pack

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The glory of Guatemala is the endless opportunities to take day trips. Every traveler heading to this Central American country should bring a trusty day pack. It will make your trip and all spontaneous plans so much easier. Whether you decide to join a hiking tour up the volcanoes in Antigua or you decide to cross Lake Atitlan to explore another village for the day, you’ll be in traveler mode constantly. Check out this day pack. 

Waterproof trail shoes

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Guatemala is full of awesome hiking trails. Whether you’re planning on sunrise hikes or simply looking for comfortable footwear to walk through jungles and forests. If you’re planning a trip during the rainy season then this will certainly be a handy savior when you head out for activities and excursions. Purchase these ones here.

Sun hat

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Sun hats are a must. As you’ll likely be on adventurous vibes for most of your time in Guatemala, it is important to ensure that you’re protected from the beating sun. If traveling to destinations such as Lake Atitlan or Antigua then you’ll be at a much higher altitude and therefore much more sensitive to the sun. Visiting Livingston on the Caribbean coast is equally a challenging environment with hot tropical weather. This sun hat includes a drawstring, omni-shade and moisture-wicking technology.


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