Here Are The World's Safest Cities
Photo Credit: Elton Anderson Jr.

Photo Credit: Elton Anderson Jr.

Here Are The World's Safest Cities

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Parker Diakite
Parker Diakite Aug 29, 2019

A new study by The Economic Intelligence Unit has revealed the top 10 safest cities in the world.

After ranking 60 destinations across the world for the 2019 Safe Cities Index in terms of their digital security, health security, infrastructure, and personal safety, Tokyo tops the list with an overall score of 92 out of 100.

Coming in at second, Singapore, and Osaka, another city in Japan, ranking as the third.

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The only city in the United States to make the top 10 list was Washington DC, but Chicago almost made the list with its ranking of 11.

The top ten safest cities in order:

1. Tokyo, Japan

2. Singapore

3. Osaka, Japan

4. Amsterdam, the Netherlands

5. Sydney, Australia

6. Toronto, Canada

7. Washington DC,

8. Copenhagen, Denmark,

9. Seoul, South Korea

10. Melbourne, Australia

“In each area, leading cities got the basics right, be it easy access to high-quality healthcare, dedicated cyber-security teams, community-based police patrolling or disaster continuity planning,” a highlight from the report reads. “Even among the leaders, the weaknesses of those not in first place tended to vary from city to city. Those who want to improve need to get the basics in place and then consider their own specific situations.”

While The SCI report has always taken into account digital, infrastructure, health, and personal security as contributing factors to compile the SCI Report, 2019 is a little different than previous years as the world deals with the impacts of issues such as climate change and terrorism.

The 2019 version also reflects “urban resilience,” a concept that measures a city’s ability to absorb and bounce back from “shocks.”

“Rather than trying to create a fifth distinct pillar of security, the index now measures new areas within the other four of particular relevance to resilience such as disaster-risk informed development policies,” according to the report.

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