As the European summer draws to a sad end, it is totally understandable if you’re craving some fo the prettiest European cities for quick getaways.

There is no better way to enjoy Europe than in short and indulgent bursts. The good news is you’re never far from some place pretty in Europe. In this Travel Noire list, we share the top 6 destinations for a picturesque getaway.

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Vienna, Austria

Erica Filippelli

The city has been through a whole host of changes and managed to retain its beauty even still. Vienna has some of the most stunning views in Europe and offers all of the grandeur and drama. A city of green parks with ponds, cafés, and playing bands; opulent stores and elegant shopping streets; banks, bookshops, and crowded theatres; and boulevards, Vienna does wonders for the imagination. 

Porto, Portugal

Credit: Tiana

Porto is for the senses. There is something incredible about Portugal’s second city. It oozes creativity and is filled with stunning architecture to get lost in. While visiting, you must check out the ornate bookshop and Leça da Palmeira’s Piscinas de Marés (Tidal Pools).

Copenhagen, Denmark

Allard Schager | Getty Images

The waterfront houses of Nyhavn are enough to encourage us to book a flight to Copenhagen immediately. This European city is famed for its modernity but those who visit are taken aback by the postcard-perfect aesthetics. The city is truly as full of color as it is whimsical and quaint side streets. 

Seville, Spain

Photo courtesy of Unsplash | Jaime Ruedas

With an Old Town which is distinct in style and the third-largest in Europe, it’s easy to see why Seville made the list. Seville offers travelers all that they may desire from an easygoing city in Andalusia, Spain. The slow southern heat coupled with the remnants of Moorish presence in Seville makes it a truly delightful place to explore.

Florence, Italy

Florence one day in the italian City
Heidi Kaden

Italy has captured the attention of many Black travelers around the globe. Italy is home to some of the most beautiful views in all fo Europe, Florence even more so. Home to Rennaisance art, the elegance of the city where even the food itself is art makes for a perfect quick trip. 

Paris, France

Photo by lupengyu

There is little surprise that Paris has made the list as pretty cities to satisfy wanderlust in Europe. Obviously, Paris is one of the most visited cities in Europe for this reason. Being such a vast cit means that there is always something new to discover – no one trip to Paris is the same. Maybe this Parisian getaway trip will lead you down pretty roads and exciting corners of the city.