Here Are 2022's Worst Destinations For Expats
Photo Credit: Photo Courtesy of Orione Conceição.

Photo Credit: Photo Courtesy of Orione Conceição.

Here Are 2022's Worst Destinations For Expats

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Jasmine Osby
Jasmine Osby Jul 25, 2022

After gathering feedback from nearly 12 thousand participants, InterNations has released its Expat Insider, a list of the best and worst places for ex-pats to reside in 2022. InterNations is the world’s largest community of expatriates and this is their ninth year collecting survey data to create the list. Their list is an excellent way to gauge working and living conditions in 52 countries and can be a great resource if you plan on relocating abroad anytime soon.

Expat Insider listed Mexico, Indonesia, and Taiwan as the three best places for ex-pats in 2022. However, let’s take a better look inside the top 10 worst destinations for ex-pats this year.



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Kuwait is ranked last on Expat Insiders 2022 survey for a long list of reasons. Ex-pats in the country feel as if it is very hard to make new friends and date, especially due to the nation’s strict gender segregation laws. The country ranked 52nd in the Quality of Life and Ease of Settling category and a lot of people feel as if they are unable to express themselves freely. According to the survey, many ex-pats found the locals in Kuwait unfriendly and view their social life in a negative light. They also are unhappy in their work lives and have a general feeling of discontent towards their work-life balance. 

New Zealand


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While some people say New Zealand is one of the best places to live in the world, many ex-pats surveyed disagree and struggle a lot with their finances. Apparently, the country is just too expensive and many ex-pats find themselves having a hard time making ends meet. To make matters worse, a lot of expatriates in the country don’t find purpose in their work and feel underpaid and unfairly treated at their jobs. Most complaints from ex-pats in New Zealand deal with the extremely high cost of living. However, many find a lot of joy in living in such a beautiful and peaceful place. 

Hong Kong


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Although 56 percent of ex-pats in Hong Kong are happy with their lives, the Chinese city still makes Expat Insider’s list of the 2022 worst destinations for expatriates. Like New Zealand, many believe the cost of living is too high. The monthly cost for a single person to live in Hong Kong is $1,040 and that’s not including rent. Similar to ex-pats in Kuwait, those living in Hong Kong also don’t feel they can freely express their feelings and beliefs. They also feel the city lacks creativity in its business culture.



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An island country located in the Mediterranean Sea, Cyprus is another contender for the worst destinations for ex-pats to reside in 2022. Cyprus received the lowest survey scores when it comes to working abroad and three in 10 ex-pats do not feel they are paid fair wages. Many also do not see a purpose in their jobs and are unhappy with the personal career opportunities available to them in Cyprus. Despite this, 66 percent of ex-pats in Cyprus are happy with their lives in the country. They also said they feel welcomed in the country and are happy with their social lives. 



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Even though 60 percent of ex-pats in Luxembourg say they are happy, the European country seems to be a bit boring. Many ex-pats expressed there is nothing to do for fun in Luxembourg. The country ranked low in nightlife and culture. Even opportunities for recreational sports were ranked low by ex-pats. Luxembourg is saved by its good economy and political stability. However, the ex-pats living there are still unhappy with their social lives and don’t feel like they have a solid support system in the country. 



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Japan is second to last on Expat Insider’s list for a variety of reasons. Many ex-pats are unhappy with the lack of government services online and other even complain that it can be difficult paying for goods throughout the country if you don’t have cash on hand. Some also mentioned it is hard to get acquainted with Japanese culture. Other issues ex-pats expressed concern about were having a poor work-life balance, receiving unfair pay, and being dissatisfied with their work hours. On the plus side, ex-pats in Japan enjoy the level of safety they feel in the country and enjoy being able to commute easily by foot or bike. 

South Africa

Ex-pats say it is easy to make friends and have a thriving social life in South Africa. However, the country makes the list of the worst destinations for ex-pats for a bunch of reasons that make you wonder if having a social life is really a high priority. For starters, ex-pats in South Africa don’t feel safe in the country, with 48 percent saying they have concerns about their personal safety and wellbeing. Many also have great concerns about their job security and feel underpaid. 


Although the locals are friendly, the economy in Turkey makes it the worst destination for ex-pats looking to work abroad. Access to online services is very limited and most people who live there are unhappy with their financial situation. They also feel underpaid. 


The climate and the cuisine make Italy a dream destination for many ex-pats. But there are a few reasons the country landed on Expat Insider’s top 10 worst destinations for ex-pats in 2022. Many find it hard dealing with the Italian bureaucracy and they find it even harder to open a bank account in the country. Twenty-nine percent of them do not feel they are fairly paid for their work and aren’t happy with the opportunities for personal growth at their jobs. Even with those complaints, 71 percent of ex-pats in Italy are happy with their lives there.  



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Ex-pats say it is very easy to feel at home while living in Malta. Yet the country nestled between Sicily and the North African coast has some other issues that cause nearly 40 percent of them to be unhappy living there. Apparently, the infrastructure for cars in Malta is really poor and there’s a lack of environmentally friendly goods and services in the country. Sixty-nine percent of ex-pats also said it is difficult to open a bank account. They also noted that the local business culture does not support creativity. 

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