Here Are Our Favorite Jamaican Restaurants In The US
Photo Credit: Photo Courtesy of Omar Mahmood.

Photo Credit: Photo Courtesy of Omar Mahmood.

Here Are Our Favorite Jamaican Restaurants In The US

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Jasmine Osby
Jasmine Osby Aug 4, 2022

One of the world’s favorite cuisine is the delectable, amazingness that is Jamaican food. And there are a ton of Jamaican restaurants in the US. From beef patties and jerk chicken to curry goat and red snapper, Jamaican food has a little bit of everything for everybody. The aroma of the blended spices and natural herbs creates a fresh taste, unlike typical American cuisine. And travelers around the world can’t get enough of it.

Next time you’re traveling from place to place, check out some of our favorite Jamaican restaurants in the US. It might be exactly what your tastebuds are searching for.

Ja’Grill Hyde Park - Chicago

Chicago’s number one spot for Jamaican cuisine, Ja’Grill Hyde Park has hands down some of the best Caribbean food in the US. Their menu is rooted in traditional spices and flavors with signature dishes like curry goat and red snapper. They also have an incredible Ja’Rum Punch that compliments every dish served at the restaurant. The atmosphere in the restaurant is also a vibe with gigantic murals and Caribbean music blazing through the speakers. A stable in the Hyde Park community, Ja’Grill tops our list of favorite Jamaican restaurants in the US.

Jerk Unlimited - St. Louis


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Previously called Jerk Soul, Jerk Unlimited was born after the original owner relocated to Ghana. However, before he left, he franchised the brand to his cousin who now operates under the Jerk Unlimited brand. Although the name may be different, Jerk Unlimited is still serving up hot, fresh Caribbean cuisine every day in St. Louis. The restaurant is opening a second location soon in the Delmar Loop. 

A&D Jamaican Restaurant - Rapid City, SD

A&D Jamaican Restaurant is a great place to stop and grab delicious, inexpensive Jamaican food in the Black Hills of South Dakota. A&D Jamaican Restaurant is a small food joint you’d miss if you’re driving by too fast. But if you do decide to stop in, you won’t be disappointed. 

D’s Island Grill Ja - Tucson, AZ


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If you ever find yourself hungry in Tucson, D’s Island Grill Ja is the place you need to be. The food is flavorful and delicious and the restaurant has expertly trained chefs in the back whipping up your favorite Jamaican dishes. Their curry goat is finger-licking good and falls right off of the bone, so that’s our go-to choice when it’s time to visit D’s Island. 

Negril Village - New York City

The standard when it comes to Jamaican cuisine in NYC, Negril Village is the place where elegance and authentic Caribbean food meet. The SOHO restaurant was opened by Marva Layne and was designed to pay homage to traditional Caribbean fare while being innovative and creative in its approach. From taste to portion size, Negril Village has won the hearts of New Yorkers and tourists. Customers love their codfish fritters, jerk chicken, and sweet plantain. 

Ena’s Caribbean Kitchen - Columbus, OH


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A legendary Caribbean restaurant in Columbus, Ena’s Caribbean Kitchen has some of the best Jamaican food in the city. Guy Fieri once visited the restaurant to try some of their amazing food. The owner, Ms. Ena, was born in Mendez, St. Catherine, Jamaica where she perfected her culinary skills and learned traditional Caribbean cooking techniques. She and her family moved to the states in 1982 and opened the restaurant in 1999. Twenty years later, Ena’s Caribbean Kitchen is still serving up hot plates filled with Jamaican delights for the entire family. 

Mo’Bay Island Cuisine - Pooler, GA

If you want incredibly large portions filled to the brim with Jamaican food, Mo’Bay Island Cuisine should be your first choice. The head chef at the restaurant brought his skill all the way from Kingston to Georgia to create tasty dishes inspired by natural herbs and Caribbean spices. Personal favorites from Mo’Bay include their jerk burgers, red snappy, and curry shrimp. 

Wats On Your Plate - West Harlem

Wats On Your Plate is a family-owned restaurant in West Harlem known for its amazing lunch specials. The restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner and folks love the authenticity of the dishes whipped up here. Wats On Your Plate has a variety of seafood, chicken, and vegetarian options and will soon be adding a bar to their space so you can grab a rum punch to go along with your meal. 

Dat Fyre Jerk Chicken - Atlanta, GA

For those looking to experience the authenticity of Jamaican cuisine, head on over to Dat Fyre Jerk Chicken in Atlanta. Led by Chef Jay John, Dat Fyre Jerk Chicken prides itself on delivering top-notch Jamaican food from a health-positive perspective. Atlanta locals love the warm, friendly atmosphere of the restaurant and the high-quality food without the uptight vibe of a fine dining establishment. Instead, they indulge in the delicious jerk chicken, oxtails, and tacos that Dat Fyre Jerk Chicken serves up each day.

Reggae Flava - Tuscaloosa, AL


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Reggae Flava is home to some of the most mouthwatering Jamaican food in the country. It officially opened its doors in 2020 but these culinary angels had been whipping up plates and serving them from their food truck long before the brick-and-mortar. The owner’s wife died in 2019 before the restaurant was opened. However, her legacy lives on each day as he and his staff welcome and serve customers in an inviting, family-owned space where the food is everything you could ask for.  

11hauz - Park City, UT

Not only is 11hauz considered the best Jamaican restaurant in Utah, but it is also said to be the best restaurant in the entire state. Owner and head chef Sharon Grant grew up watching her grandmother cook in Jamaica. She inherited all of those family recipes and took them to Park City, UT where her family opened 11hauz

Barrington’s Jamaican Kitchen - Bakersfield, CA

Located in Bakersfield, CA, Barrington’s Jamaican Kitchen is the culmination of years of sharing food with others. Owner Barrington Lewis grew up in Jamaica sharing his food with others and he learned to prepare delicious dishes while cooking for his family. Now Barrington shares his culinary gift with the people of Bakersfield. Some even say Barrington’s is one of the best Jamaican food spots in the entire state of California.

Miss Lily’s - New York City


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People can’t stop talking about the incredible brunch offered at Miss Lily’s in New York City. The restaurant has a modern approach to traditional Jamaican cuisine and its colorful, vibrant atmosphere keeps patrons coming back week after week. In addition to the Jamaican-style diner, the restaurant has a juice bar, a Caribbean rum bar, and a Jerk Shack. Folks suggest trying anything jerk flavored and also rave about their mac-n-cheese. Led by Chef de Cuisine Kahari Woolcock and Culinary Director Andre Fowles, Miss Lily’s is serving up fare straight from the islands into the streets of NYC. 

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