50 in 50: The Most Terrifying Haunted Hayrides In Every State
Photo Credit: Romolo Tavani | Getty Images

Photo Credit: Romolo Tavani | Getty Images

50 in 50: The Most Terrifying Haunted Hayrides In Every State

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Leah Freeman-Haskin
Leah Freeman-Haskin Sep 19, 2019

Halloween is just around the corner so say your prayers as you prepare to face your worst fears at these haunted hayrides across America.


Sleepy Hollow Haunted Farm, located in Auburn, promises to be one of Alabama’s premier haunted attractions.

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Fright Nite in Anchorage is worth every nightmare it’s sure to give you.

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Not recommended for children under 12 years old, Fear Farm in Phoenix offers numerous attractions that are sure to terrify.


Step inside The Reaper Haunted House, the most intense haunted house in North Little Rock, and see if you can make it through over 15,000 square feet of horror with 30 scenes of blood, gore and mayhem.


The spirit of Halloween comes to life surrounding helpless victims brave enough to board the Los Angeles Haunted Hayride


Located in Fort Collins, Jack Lantern’s Corn Maze transforms into a haunted place full of monsters and creatures searching for their victims.


Wallingford is home to the Trail of Terrors, a 25-year-old maze of horror.

Photo via railofterror.com


Frightland in Middletown is a haunted attraction scream park featuring 8 unique and terrifying haunted attractions, including haunted houses, a hayride and more.


Head to Dade City for Scream-A-Geddon Horror Park, and experience one of the biggest scares of your life.


Zombie Farms in Winterville offers a full 3/4 mile walk through dark and spooky woods filled with scary monsters and creepy characters.


The Haunted Plantation in Waipahuis Hawaii’s scariest haunted attractions where you will be chased and taunted by spirits of old Hawaii.


The Field of Screams at the Lowe Family Farmstead in Kuna is said to be haunted by the secrets of generations gone by.


Head to Port Byron to experience the Haunted Forest, where genetic testing and scientific experiments have gone terribly wrong in this terrifying maze through the woods.


Indiana’s scariest haunted hayride and slaughter barn is located at the Indiana Fear Farm in Jamestown.


Haunted Carter Farms is 4 acres of twisting paths and haunted corn located in Princetown.


Field of Screams, in Maize, lives up to its name. On your walk through the Field of Screams and Clown Town, you will experience the haunted grounds of the Spurlock family and see first-hand where the infamous vigilante murders took place.


Skeleton’s Lair is a unique outdoor haunted scream park located on Cemetery Road near Bowling Green, Kentucky. Their themed attractions include a haunted woods, haunted hayride, haunted house, and 3-D themed house.


One of Louisiana’s scariest attractions is just minutes from downtown Hammond in Tickfaw. RISE Haunted House may just be the most terrifying hour of your life.

Photo via risehauntedhouse.com


Destination Haunt in Lebanon was voted the “most haunted” in Main and New Hampshire.


According to their website, Field of Screams located in Olney, is Maryland’s #1 rated scream park.


Witch’s Woods at Nashoba Valley Ski Area have been taken over by the souls of the dead. As you board your hayride, you will notice that your driver sits in the center of the tractor, far away from the sides where guests are vulnerable to attacks.


Haunted Farm of Terror is operated on the old Alongi property in Lenox. The experience was voted #1 most intense hayride in Michigan.


Venture into the darkness upon The Dead End Hayride to witness unspeakable horror and terrifying scenes which will subject you to cryogenic blasts, explosions, and over the top pyrotechnics as you are mauled by horrific creatures and their converts who have taken refuge in these woods.


Head to Tupelo’s Haunted Hill and enter the haunted house that is “old, rickety, falling down creepy, and chock-full of the unexpected.”


St. Louis is home to The Darkness, celebrating its 26th Year of Fear with a total renovation to make The Darkness longer and scarier than ever before. 


Western Montana’s #1 haunted attraction is located in Victor at the Field of Screams where you will walk through acres of cornstalks over your head, with the fear that at anytime, something may jump out at you. 


La Vista is home to the Haunted Hollow Scream Park. Opening in 1999, they’ve had the honor of scaring thousands of Nebraskans into sleepless nights and dreadful nightmares. 


Vegas is known for many things, but Las Vegas Haunts was named by Forbes as the best haunted experience for Halloween.

New Hampshire

Head to Lee for Haunted Overload, one of the most creative and unique haunted attractions in New England.

New Jersey

Bloodshed Farms has a dark secret. Hidden well within the farm’s sprawling forest in Columbus, the tiny red shed was revealed to be the gruesome location related to at least 14 missing people. Take a ride through the farm and see what you find.

New Mexico

At McCall’s Haunted Farm in Moriarty, the haunted cornfield is haunted by the many victims of Farmer McCall and their desire is to add you to their ranks. Can you keep your sanity and make it out alive?

New York

Headless Horseman Hayrides and Haunted Houses is located in Ulster Park. The immersive experience has a theme that changes each Halloween season.

North Carolina

Clinton is home to the Hollerin Haunts Hayride. The place where they “will scare the YELL out of you”.

Photo via hollerinhauntshayride.com

North Dakota

The Haunted Corn Maze in Moorhead has been terrifying innocent souls for 20 years.


Head to Warren to experience the Fear Forest Haunted House and Hayride that includes a drive through a vortex tunnel, forbidden cornfield, and one of the best haunted hayrides in the East.


Lost Lakes Haunted Forest in Oklahoma City is sure to fulfill your haunting desires.


Enter “The Dark” at Fearlandia in Tigard, a place where visitors feel their way through darkness trying to avoid creepy, crawling “things”.  


The Valley Of Fear and The Original Haunted Hayride is just as terrifying as it sounds. Come ride through America’s most horrifying woods.

Rhode Island

Field of Screams is “where nightmares come true”. Head to West Greenwich to enjoy all three haunted attractions.

Photo via hauntedhayride.net

South Carolina

Scream Acres Haunted House and Hayride in Bishopville is one of South Carolina’s top rated haunted attractions.

South Dakota

People of all ages are welcome at Acres of Terror in Leonard, the scariest haunted attraction in the Red River Valley since 2003.


Nashville Nightmare looks like pure horror. Head here to enjoy a haunted hayride, themed carnival games, and various attractions.


There is no other hayride in the Texas like the Haunted Hayride at Fearshire Farms. Hop on a tractor and head deep into the woods for a terrifying ride.


Haunted Forest in American Fork features over 1,000,000, sq. ft. of pure adrenaline.


By day the Gaines Farm operates as many others do. But when the sun dips below the horizon in the month of October, it all changes… Vengeance in the Valley rises.


Deep in the woods of Spotsylvania County the hills come alive at The Haunted Hill. It begins with a terrifying hay wagon ride; dropping you off deep in the dark woods.


Brave the Haunted Forest at Grand Farms… if you dare. Your nightmares take shape on the haunted trail as the bone-chill of fall has settled in and distant screams fill the air.

Photo via hauntedforestatgrandfarms.com

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West Virginia

Miller’s Nightmare Haunted Farm in Lewisburg has seen many strange phenomena and haunting figures in the last few years.


Spooky Stalks Haunted Cornfield is Milwaukee’s premier spot for Halloween traditions and scares.


The Dead End Hayride is the ultimate horror experience. They welcome you to venture into the darkness upon hayride wagons to witness unspeakable horror and terrifying scenes.

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