Gustavia in St. Barts Named World's Most Expensive Travel Destination
Photo Credit: Photo credit: St. Barts

Photo Credit: Photo credit: St. Barts

Gustavia in St. Barts Named World's Most Expensive Travel Destination

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Rafael Peña
Rafael Peña Aug 1, 2023

Gustavia, the charming capital of Saint Barthélemy, beckons to travelers in search of opulence and luxury. This picturesque town boasts sandy beaches, upscale boutiques and breathtaking vacation homes, earning it a renowned status as one of the world’s most expensive travel destinations.

Almost $2,000 A Day

According to a report by travel company Florida Panhandle, which analyzed data from over 100 vacation spots, a day in Gustavia is an average of $1,852. That excludes the cost of the flight. The steep price tag comes as no surprise, considering that most goods on the island need to be imported, leading to inflated prices. Gustavia has become a favored destination for the ultra-wealthy, cementing its status as a playground for those who can afford it.

Gustavia’s closest airport, the diminutive Gustaf III Airport, demands an average of $1,500 for a round-trip ticket from Miami in August. If you’re departing from Los Angeles, prepare to shell out around $2,772 for the same journey.

For those who prefer the allure of the sea, arriving in Gustavia by boat offers a grand entrance with multimillion dollar yachts dotting the Gustavia Harbor.

Lodging Averages $1700 A Night

Photo credit: St. Barts

As you’d expect, luxury lodging comes at a premium. A single night’s stay in Gustavia will cost an average of $1,700, leaving no doubt that this is a destination for the elite.

Yet, amidst the high expenses, Gustavia does offer some gems. Visitors can enjoy free access to the town’s beloved beaches and explore its charming churches, mountainside hikes and athletic activities. Shopping enthusiasts can indulge in the town’s revered luxury boutiques, while the dining scene offers exquisite culinary experiences.

While a trip to Gustavia may seem like a dream to many, its allure lies in its exclusive appeal to an inner-circle of affluent travelers. If Gustavia has captured your imagination as a Caribbean getaway, be sure to save up some extra cash before booking your flight. This slice of paradise may be reserved for those with a taste for opulence, but it promises an unforgettable experience for those who can afford it.

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