Plastic Ban at California Airport Set to Revolutionize Travel Experience
Photo Credit: Photo credit: LAX

Photo Credit: Photo credit: LAX

Plastic Ban at California Airport Set to Revolutionize Travel Experience

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Rafael Peña
Rafael Peña Aug 3, 2023

Hastily ditching water bottles at airport security may soon be a thing of the past at Los Angeles International Airport. To reduce carbon emissions, LAX has joined the ranks of eco-conscious airports by banning the sale of water in single-use plastic bottles.

Phase-Out Period

The decision to implement the ban came after the June 2021 green light by the Los Angeles Board of Airport Commissioners. Over the last two years, LAX has been transitioning during a phase-out period. Currently, any water sold at the airport must be in cups, glasses, paper cartons, or aluminum or glass bottles.

More than 32 million passengers passed through LAX in 2022. This anti-plastic initiative marks one of the most far-reaching steps taken by an airport to combat single-use plastic waste. The move reflects the growing concern about the environmental impact of disposable plastics and sets an example for other airports.

The ban does not extend to water bottles served to passengers onboard flights or other plastic bottled drinks, like soda. However, it signals a significant shift towards sustainability within airport premises.

Hydration Stations And Public Concerns

To support passengers in their quest for hydration, LAX is also installing hydration stations throughout the airport. Each station will feature water fountains and taps for convenient refilling of reusable water bottles. Over 60 such stations have been set up, encouraging travelers to embrace eco-friendly practices.

Some critics have voiced concerns over the ban. Questions surrounding why soda can still be sold in plastic bottles while water is restricted still linger. Others worry about potential glass breakage, and some view it as an additional hurdle to staying hydrated, particularly given the ongoing 3.4-ounce liquid restriction at security checkpoints.

A Healthier Environment

Despite the differing viewpoints, Justin Erbacci, CEO of Los Angeles World Airports, remains firm in his conviction that eliminating single-use plastic water bottles is a crucial step towards a healthier environment for communities and future generations.

As LAX takes a bold stand against plastic waste, it sends a clear message that sustainability is not just a trend but a commitment to preserving our planet. With its pioneering initiative, LAX is setting a new standard for airports worldwide, proving that when it comes to protecting the environment, every step counts.

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