Google Maps Adding 4 New Immersive Features
Photo Credit: Theo Decker

Photo Credit: Theo Decker

Google Maps Adding 4 New Immersive Features

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Ayah A.
Ayah A. Oct 3, 2022

Over the next few months, Google Maps users will see several new updates to the application. According to TechCrunch, Google announced the updates last week at its Search On event. The new features are Immersive View, Neighborhood Vibe, and Search with Live View.

Immersive View

This feature, which was first announced in May, will allow users to get a better understanding of a city prior to visiting so that they may plan ahead. Through the use of AI tech and computer vision, Immersive View combines aerial imagery and street view to show what types of traffic, weather, and crowds you may expect on a certain day and time.

Immersive View utilizes predictive modeling to learn and update the historical trends of these areas. Users can preview a neighborhood by “soaring” over it. This technological breakthrough will allow travelers to pack appropriately for the weather, anticipate what sort of crowds to expect, and also locate entrances to places ahead of time.

In the upcoming months, Immersive View will launch on Android and iOS in Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, and Tokyo with additional cities being added in the future.

In June, Google added 100 aerial views of popular landmarks worldwide. It recently added more, and now features aerial views of more than 250 landmarks, including the London Eye, the Colosseum, Tokyo Tower, the Empire State Building, and others.

Neighborhood Vibe

The Neighborhood Vibe feature allows users to get a feel for a neighborhood’s vibe before visiting. Through photos and information provided by other users, you can explore the map to see view points of interest, trendy spots, and other neighborhood highlights.

Foodies will be able to determine if an area has a thriving food scene. Or if you’re seeking an artsy, upscale, or party vibe, you can check neighborhoods out to see if they are ideal for what you’re looking for.

Search With Live View

Another new feature is the addition of search functionality to Google’s Live View. Live View is the feature that currently includes directions and arrows that allow you to move around and navigate the map by tapping. The upcoming addition of the Search with Live View feature will allow users to use their cameras to locate places such as restaurants, ATMs, and stores.

According to Chris Phillips, Google VP and GM of Geo, “You can just lift up your camera and see overlaid on the real world the ATM that’s nearby. You can also see coffee shops, grocery stores and transit stations. You really get a sense of what an area is like at a glance. You can even see the business hours of a place that’s down the street. It’s an amazing way to bring it all together at once, it really simplifies the experience and gives you confidence when you’re trying to see what’s around you in that moment.”

Search with Live View will be available on Android and iOS in the months to come in New York, San Francisco, London, Paris, and Tokyo.

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