Goodbye Baggage Fees: This Black Man Created A Carry-On That Converts To A Personal Bag
Photo Credit: Stephen Davis

Photo Credit: Stephen Davis

Goodbye Baggage Fees: This Black Man Created A Carry-On That Converts To A Personal Bag

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Parker Diakite
Parker Diakite May 16, 2022

In a world where it feels like we continue to pay more to receive less during travels, Stephen Davis is solving a huge problem regarding expensive baggage fees. Davis is the founder of Take OFF luggage: a suitcase that transforms from a carry-on to an under-the-seat personal item.

He created the bag after his own personal travel woes.

“I was traveling to Phoenix with a friend on Spirit Airlines when we realized the baggage fees cost more than the tickets, which were about $40 each,” he tells Travel Noire. “The baggage fees for a carry-on at the gate were about $100 for us, which is more than the ticket.”

His friend was adamant about not paying the baggage fees. As for Davis, that incident prompted him to search for a bag that could convert to a personal item. To his surprise, there was nothing suitable in the market that would allow him to travel in style.


So, he created the lane that could save budget travelers hundreds of dollars in baggage fees.

How The Bag Works

Wheels on Take OFF Luggage bags can be taken off, allowing you to place the bag under the seat.

The bag measures 20″H x 14″W x 8″D and comes equipped with four removable signature 360° spinner wheels. Once the wheels pop off, the length of the bag goes from 20″ to 18″–fitting under most seats.

Davis says he is currently working on a bag that will fit both Frontier and Spirit’s standard of a personal bag as these airlines have smaller size dimensions. He also plans to create a bag for international standards.

There are currently five colors: including black, blue, rose gold, champagne, and silver.

You can purchase the bag, which retails for $119, on Amazon or learn more by clicking here to be redirected to the website.

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Take OFF Luggage

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