Gift These Travel Experiences This Holiday Season
Photo Credit: Manees

Photo Credit: Manees

Gift These Travel Experiences This Holiday Season

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Parker Diakite
Parker Diakite Dec 14, 2022

Phones, tablets, espresso machines, tea pots, flat screen tv’s. I mean seriously. Is there even anything to gift our loved-ones that they don’t already have this holiday season?

What if we told you yes?

Maybe it’s not another appliance or piece of technology but the gift that money can’t always buy and that’s the memories from an amazing experience. 

If you don’t know where to start, we have you covered thanks to our wonderful Black travel community who tag us in some pretty amazing experiences on social media. 

Here’s our round-up of experiences (and make sure you’re following us on Facebook Instagram, and Twitter).

All Aboard The Weekend Cruise

Water Views
Photo Credit: Sandy Ravaloniaina

We know that some of you have to stretch out those PTO days, so instead of a complete 7-day cruise package, have you considered a weekend cruise?

What’s cool about weekend cruises is that you don’t take too many vacation days, all while getting what you deserve: rest, relaxation, and fun!

Another weekend cruise highlight? They tend to be a little cheaper.

MSC and Royal Caribbean offer cruises to the Bahamas. Celebrity Cruises also has some weekend options.

Staycation At A Black Owned Resort

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Staycations have been an experience that people have indulged in for quite some time, but the concept blew up during the height of the pandemic as people were tired of looking at the same walls in their homes.

There are many benefits of a staycation: it allows you to save money, you have an excuse to check out new places in your backyard, and it’s less stressful when it comes to packing, car rentals, and all the daunting tasks that come with traveling.

If you choose a staycation experience, make sure you’re supporting a Black-owned resort or hotel.

Check out Oak Bluffs Inn in Martha’s Vineyard, The Ivy Hotel in Baltimore, or Salamander Resort & Spa in Middleburg, Virginia.

We have a 50 In 50 guide to Black-owned hotels and resorts here.

“Me Day” At Luxury Black-Owned Spa

Try All 8 Of These Unique Spa Services
covantnyc, Pixabay

We don’t know about y’all, but spas are unforgettable for the right reasons. It’s just an overall way to disconnect from outside noise and focus on your important voice.

We would also be remiss if we didn’t add the water infused with cucumber or mint and lemon just really does something to the soul during spa days.

For your luxury spa experience, I bet you already know what we’re suggesting. You got it! Places that are Black-owned.

If you’re in Atlanta, iwi fresh is a gem. It’s a full-service day spa that unlocks the healing powers of the garden. Iwi Fresh only offers plant and veggie-based skincare.

If you’re in Chicago, then head to Bettye O Day Spa in the Hyde Park neighborhood. Staff is committed to providing what they call “first-class treatments” with therapeutic techniques.

For more Black-owned spas, click here to be redirected to our Black-owned spa guide.

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National Park Passport

Unsplash | Jordan Pulmano

A National Parks passport is a fun way to challenge yourself and create new experiences.  Every time you go to a national park, you earn a passport stamp or sticker at the more than 400 National Park Service units.

It’s a fun way to challenge yourself to see something new that you didn’t see before.

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