Jenesis Laforcarde is the creator of The Jenesis House, an adults-only wellness resort specializing in providing a luxury self-care experience. A 13-room destination retreat, The Jenesis House will be heavily inspired by African and Asian influences, in reflection of Laforcarde’s cultural background.

The resort will be located in historic Prescott, AZ, a place where the stars shine bright and water meets the desert, creating a healing oasis. The city is within proximity to Phoenix, Sedona, and the Grand Canyon Railroad. Downtown Prescott is just four minutes away from the resort, and Watson Lake is just a short 13-minute drive away.

Born in Oxford, England and raised in Okinawa, Japan, Laforcarde is currently based in Phoenix, Arizona. With a background in fashion and branding, she has lent her creative expertise to numerous global brands, including CBS radio, xoNecole, Reshoevn8er, and Sax Agency.

Photo courtesy of The Jenesis House

Having felt there was a void preventing people from experiencing health and wellness in a place that that exudes tranquility and style, Laforcade set out to fill that void. Set to open in late 2022, The Jenesis House will provide the ultimate in relaxation and self-care in a beautiful, intimate, and innovative setting.

“The last few years have forced many people in this world to reevaluate the options that they have to mitigate the stresses that life imposes upon us all,” said Laforcade. “With that in mind, The Jenesis House is an ideal solution that will help people relieve stress in an enjoyable and safe environment.”

The resort will include 13 cabin studios, each with a deep soaking tub, private meditation garden, and a living moss wall to create a natural air filter. The full-service spa will provide holistic healing services, from caviar rose petal facials to muscle healing massages. In addition, the resort will be home to a Nordic spa and plunge pool. A centuries-old tradition that alternates hot, cold, and relaxation for an out-of-body experience, the Nordic spa will be Prescott’s first.

Rendering courtesy of The Jenesis House

“IV drip therapy will be available in the privacy of guests’ rooms so they can truly relax and focus on hydrating the body. Two movement studios strategically placed under the property’s trees and creek will allow guests to get moving in classes such as cardio and pilates. Guests can also access classes virtually via the fitness library, available 24/7.”

The Jenesis House’s all-inclusive culinary program will allow guests to experience new culinary flavors from the Greenhouse Restaurant infused with influences from all over the world. Vegetables will come directly from the resort’s own gardens.

“We are feeding the body and highlighting our farm-to-table philosophy. Guests will dine in a glass enclosure under leaves of green, a true dine-in experience.”

Rendering courtesy of The Jenesis House

The Ice House, a self-serve vegan frozen yogurt hut, will be available for guests to access 24/7. And the Meditation Gardens, the heart of the property featuring fireplaces, fountains, and space to enjoy nature, will host holistic healers from all over the world, invited to teach guests holistic therapy, including yoga, sound healing, and even crystal healing.

Each guest studio at The Jenesis House will be individually designed and unique; they will range in price from $300 to $1,000 nightly, affordable rates in comparison to other wellness resorts. Currently entirely self-funded, Laforcade is raising funds to go towards opening The Jenesis House.

She currently has a luxury candle line and has also launched a crowdfunding campaign on allowing visitors to pre-book their stay at the resort. To stay up-to-date on the progress and opening of The Jenesis House, visit and follow @TheJenesisHouse on Instagram.

Rendering courtesy of The Jenesis House

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