If you’re not heading to Ghana this December, get ready to see an influx of content from the West African country on your timelines in the coming weeks. After all, Afrochella is taking over Ghana from December 28th until January 3rd. It is also the Year of Return, signifying 400 years since the first African slaves were taken from the continent.

Whether it’s your first time in Ghana, or you’re a returning traveler looking for something new to do, here are our tips for things to do when in this beautiful African country. 

Do Your Homework

Heading to Accra? It’s best to do some homework before your big trip. Accra is a busy city, similar to NYC and can get quite loud and crowded. It’s also hot — very hot. Make sure to prepare yourself for the hustle of the city!

There is always something to do, so be prepared to not get much sleep and to always be on the go. Locals usually hit up five or six spots during their nights out. 

How To Cool Off From The Intense Heat

The heat of the city can get unbearable but the pool at La Villa Boutique Hotel is the perfect way to cool down. After swimming or relaxing, you can indulge in a delicious Italian meal at the hotel. 

If you want to chill by the beach, make plans to head to Busua Beach in the Western Region. You can get a quick 45-minute flight from Accra or embark on a six-hour road trip. 

Another place to cool off is in Takoradi, a town filled with beaches and hotels. You can also drive to Aburi and check out the Hillburi hotel, overlooking the city of Accra. 

An insider’s tip: head to Dixcove, along the western region of the country to spot dolphins!

Where To Eat

A great breakfast can be found at the luxury boutique hotel, Villa Monticello located in the Airport Residential Area. 

For local food, head to Bush Canteen located in East Legon.

Serving up traditional foods like fufu is Dimaensa restaurant, located in the Abelenkpe district. 

Gold Coast restaurant is another great spot for traditional food. Be sure to head there on Friday nights for live music.

Royal Senchi Restaurant has exceptional meals as well as a pool to relax by. 

Street vendors are the best choice when wanting to try dishes such as fried yams, plantains, white fish stew, and chicken fillets. 

Zion Thai is perfect to get your Asian food fix while some of the best sushi is located at the upscale Santoku

Where To Drink And Party

Enjoy drinks with friends at a street pub named Republic and afterward head to Front/Back, a speakeasy that appears as a container from the exterior. 

Sky Bar 25 is where you’ll find the “who’s who” of Accra as well as a wonderful view of the city. 

Ace Tantra is a known nightclub and afterward, you can head straight to the BurgerBoyz, which is opened until 5 am to feed hungry people after the club. 

On Friday nights there is a party called Serallio, in an open-air atmosphere with dancing until the wee hours of the morning. 

Purple Pub is a great place to drink and enjoy chill vibes and a dope group of people. 

Where To Get Your Arts And Culture Fix

The art scene in Ghana is on the rise. Jamestown is perfect for graffiti and it’s annual Chale Wote festival, a visual arts event taking place every August. 

BBnZ Live is a great place to meet and network with the young creatives and entrepreneurs of Ghana. 

Another great spot is Elle Lokko, a place where artists sell their work and a hub for local fashion and culture. 

Osu has lots of shops, restaurants and is a true representation of being young and free in Ghana. Christie Brown is a great shop to pop into for designer Ghanaian items. 

Omanye House is an art gallery showcasing works by artists from Cote d’Ivoire, Ghana, Mali, and Togo. It also has a bar overlooking the ocean in the back. 

Makola Market is perfect for shopping with locals and taking in the culture of Ghanaians. It’s also a great place to purchase souvenirs. 

The Shop sells work from 400 artists and creatives in Ghana. There are also performances and a cafe in this space and it’s opened 12 hours a day. 

Legon Botanical Garden is perfect to get your nature fix while the National Theatre offers cultural productions. 

To find out more about Ghanaian culture and news, check out the Sincerely Accra podcast.