The word “glizzy” has been a trending slang in New York City for a hot dog, thanks to TikTok. What originally started as street slang in D.C. to refer to a Glock or handgun has made its way up north and inspired the name for Brooklyn’s newest hot dog spot. 

Glizzy’s, located in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Williamsburg, is the work of three friends who all share a deep love for New York City and hot dogs.

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The owners

Johnny Huynh, Nikki Yam, and Philip Ng are all NYC natives. Huynh grew up in Bushwhack and is no stranger to the food industry — the Brooklyn-bred co-owner is also the co-owner of three Lucy’s Vietnamese restaurants in the borough. Yam is from Queens and works as a curriculum manager at charter schools after teaching elementary school for seven years. Ng is a Queens native and manages work as a firefighter with days spent at Glizzy’s.


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The menu

These aren’t regular hot dogs; they’re Glizzy’s. Each glitzy honors a different cultural tradition. For the true NYC bodega experience, try The Ocky, which has chopped onions, tomatoes, harissa sauce, and yogurt sauce. The Sean Paul pays homage to Jamaican dancehall legend — it’s topped with jerked smoked brisket, cole slaw, and Mike’s Hot Honey. 

Other stand-out items are Mr. Lee (kimchi, scallions, furikake, Korean BBQ sauce, sesame oil), Fuhgeddaboudit (crushed garlic breadcrumbs, shredded mozzarella, pizza sauce), and Chinatown (cucumber, chili crisps, cilantro, fried shallots, scallions, mapo sauce). 


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The topping options are endless but don’t expect a 5-star dining experience. Glizzy’s takes a no-frills approach — there’s no seating, just really delicious hot dogs, iced teas, and soda. 

You can find this late-night spot at 390 Metropolitan Avenue in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Glizzy’s is open Sunday through Wednesday from 11 a.m. to midnight. Get your glizzy fix after dark Thursday through Saturday from 11 a.m. to 4 a.m. 

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