Would You Take On This $15,000 'Get Lost' Travel Experience? Travelers Weigh In
Photo Credit: Nancy Brown

Photo Credit: Nancy Brown

Would You Take On This $15,000 'Get Lost' Travel Experience? Travelers Weigh In

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Malik Peay
Malik Peay Nov 24, 2021

A traveler’s story on a get lost experience (on purpose) in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco has sparked some interesting convos online.

In a New Yorker article, traveler and writer Ed Caesar took a long and scary trek through the high altitude and forresty mountainous landscape in North Africa — alone. Well, not completely. He took on the adventure challenge hosted by luxury travel company, Black Tomato. The high-esteemed tour operator coordinates an entire travel experience for travelers to get lost in desolate foreign areas.

“From the moment that Asher left me in the valley, I was allotted two days to walk to a rendezvous point eighteen miles away, over and around mountains” Caesar said in his account of the experience.

The ‘Get Lost’ travel package is not low in price by any means, thrill seekers pay between $15,000 to $30,000 to take on the ultimate uncharted activity.

Interested tourists can look through Blacktomato.com to see what type of natural landscape they want to explore. The options include polar climates, the lush jungle, dry deserts, rocky mountains, and coastal regions.

Black Tomato arranges air travel, and to even be considered for the adrenaline-fueled adventure encounter, you must talk to a ‘Get Lost’ travel expert first after submitting yourself for the opportunity.


The ‘Get Lost’ travel team provides a premium unknown experience where few details will be shared on what you will be doing while you embark on your adventure. The only information travelers know is what type of environment they would prefer to challenge themselves with, unless you want the ‘Get Lost’ team to select for you. The whereabouts of the final destination you will reach during your travel challenge will remain unknown until you physically arrive at the finish line.

The experts host training sessions that will make you successful in your journey. You will be transported from the airport to the location by private vehicle, and you will be given the right tools to survive and persevere through your paid adventure.

There will be a group of adventure experts who follow you along your trail. You will not be able to see them, but they will be present in case of emergency or any unforeseeable circumstances. There will be various check points for you to meet through Black Tomato’s partnership with geocode system, what3words.

The length of each adventure is determined during your preliminary call with the ‘Get Lost’ travel experts.

Travelers weigh in on the get lost experience

After hearing about this highly unusual and very expensive offering, travelers across social media had to weigh in. Here’s what they said:

“I’m from Memphis. I’ll drop u off somewhere dangerous for half the price,” Tewaner Johnson said in the iLuvglobetrot group.

“FAM, you can get lost anywhere..just come to my city, I’ll take you into one of the State Parks and drop you off for less than $15k,” Tiffany Drinkwater chimed in. “I’ll drop you off in the hood and leave you to see what fun adventures you have there.. like no need to go all the way to Morocco for that type of fun hahahaha.. I think I would die of dehydration before the first hour is up.”

And the most relatable of them all, “The memory of losing my mother in the grocery store at 7 years old is enough excitement for me,” Yolanda said.

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