4 Types of Travel Styles, According to TikToK
Photo Credit: Photo credit: Jasmine Browley

Photo Credit: Photo credit: Jasmine Browley

4 Types of Travel Styles, According to TikToK

Parker Diakite
Parker Diakite May 4, 2023

Spending hours with a friend here and there is not the same as vacationing with a friend 24/7 for a week. In fact, spending that much time together really tests your friendships.

A study conducted by EssentialTravel.co.uk found that one in 10 of everyone surveyed no longer speaks to a good friend after a vacation.

The reason? Twenty-five percent of respondents admitted they felt differently about a friendship after time away together.

So, the key to making friendships last when traveling is to ensure you’re vacationing with people on the same agenda. If not, you run the risk of losing a good friend.

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According to TikTok user bmekween, knowing everyone’s travel style is essential when planning your next group trip.

She says there are four different travel styles: the adventure traveler, the relaxation type, the partier, and the combo traveler.

For people looking for adventure, they like to go to museums, hike, and go on tours. The relaxation traveler is all about self-care in the form of resting. This traveler wants to go to the beach, lounge around, and hang out at the spas.

Partiers are all about festivals, bar hopping, enjoying brunches and day parties, and carrying that energy on the night scene.

Combo travelers want a little of everything, and what this traveler likes to do depends on the mood and day.

“When I planned group trips, I would have to go through this with everyone,” says. “I had an entire Google form to see what everyone wanted to get out of the trip […] I would pick destinations based on the type of trip.”

So how do you know your travel style? Take our vacation persona quiz and find out. Take it to protect your peace on your next vacation and for your friendships’ sake.

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