Like fashion, your vacation persona reflects your style. Some prefer over-the-top luxury, while others want to surround themselves with nature’s gifts. Certain travelers also look for vacations where they can learn through cultural exchanges and immersion experiences.

Trying to figure out where to book next can be challenging, especially when your vacation persona can change. Depending on your mood and what you want to experience in each season of life, your preferred style of travel may transform over time.

Before planning a trip, it is important to ask yourself specific questions: Do you want to stay in a five-star hotel with the option of fine dining? Would you rather stay in a cabin or tree house to hear the sounds of nature during your quiet time?

Discover your vacation persona to see what vacation you should embark on for your next adventure. Once your flight is booked, don’t forget these travel accessories to embrace your vacation style.

Luxury Lover

If a lot of people are talking about a destination, then it’s not for you unless there’s a way to personalize the experience with some luxury.

Paris, for example, is a popular destination. However, what would make this trip luxurious is dining at a Michelin-star restaurant or a private culinary experience on a boat.

Luxury lovers live for exclusive and personalized travel experiences. From private jets and first-class flights to 5-star accommodations, anything less is not a luxury for you.

For Luxury Lovers: Prioritize Self-Care With A Heated Eye Massager

The SKG Eye Massager has five modes of eye protection, relaxation and sleep.

While most flights come with an eye mask for sleeping, many are not made with quality like the SKG option. 

This innovative eye massager uses protein skin material, allowing you to enjoy the most comfortable massage experience. Another great feature is this eye massager reduces eye strain and improves sleeping during long-haul flights.

Eye Massager with Heat
SKG Store
Eye Massager with Heat

Passport Player

Passport players are happiest experiencing another country constantly. When planning a trip for yourself or a group, your itinerary skills show that you prefer to experience life like a local.

If they’re going to a place like Peru, passport players want to find the best local area for the country’s famous drink, Pisco Sour. Passport lovers want to find local markets to bring home art, clothing or furniture pieces you won’t find in touristy areas.   

Passport players want vacations that are immersed in cultural dining and itinerary-filled adventures.

For Passport Players: Stay Organized With A Packing Cube Set

For people who are considered Passport Players, staying organized is critical. This 8-piece travel organizer set by Well Traveled allows you to pack for your experiences.

You can also pack your unique finds while keeping your luggage neat and compressed to save space.

Nature Nurturer

The Nature Nurturer wants to disconnect from the hustle and bustle every day brings to reconnect with the great outdoors. Your ideal vacation is getting lost in exploring the world’s best-kept secrets, no matter how far or remote they are.

It’s common for you to spend your getaway hiking, skiing or reading at the beach.

For Nature Nurturers: Keep It Essential With A Travel Neck Pillow

For the Nature Nurturer, less is more for your adventure.

This travel neck pillow by the Tube Store allows you to pack up to three days of essentials inside your neck pillow. Pack more efficiently and have a place to lay your head wherever your travels find you.

City Connector

City connectors are all about trekking around big cities, looking for museums, art shows and the best food in town.

For city connectors, you probably have already found a city group on social media to connect with as soon as you touch down. Platforms like Airbnb Experiences excite you because it’s a great way to find the hottest night spots and music venues.

For City Connectors: Stay Online With A Portable Charger

City Connectors must stay charged up all day because their city guides, tickets, maps and more are likely linked to their mobile devices.

Every portable charger is not made the same. You need one that will provide you with a fast and powerful change.

RG VOTA’s portable charger will have your phones and tablets charged all day. It’s also compatible with iPhone, Samsung Galaxy and LG smartphones.

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Try taking our vacation persona quiz for insight into what vacation persona fits you the best.   

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