'Fly Brother' Returns For Season 2 Focusing On Diverse Domestic Destinations
Photo Credit: Ernest White II

Photo Credit: Ernest White II

'Fly Brother' Returns For Season 2 Focusing On Diverse Domestic Destinations

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Malik Peay
Malik Peay May 7, 2021

Ernest White II is changing the landscape of the travel world through his PBS network docu-series, ‘Fly Brother.’ The former journalist and recent television host is building representation for Black travelers through his televised adventures around the globe that feature global destinations and untouched territories.

The travel show aired during the pandemic and Ernest White II reinvigorated many people who felt isolated during quarantine. From allowing viewers to live vicariously through his Nordic adventures across Stockholm to riding around Brazil’s São Paulo.

The second season of ‘Fly Brother’ focuses more on domestic destinations, so viewers can expect to learn more about accessible and cost-effective landmarks to travel to throughout the country.

“We’re still in the midst of filming Season Two,” White II told Travel Noire. “It features some of my favorite places in the United States, as well as a few spots that I’m experiencing for the first time. We expect the season to premiere this fall, so we hope everyone tunes in and discovers their own special destinations right here in the USA.”

Season one can be watched on Create TV where it will re-air on May 20. The first season of ‘Fly Brother’ really taught Ernest White II how to produce and execute a travel show while prevailing through obstacles forged by the pandemic. There were travel restrictions that impacted how White II could travel internationally, but the first season was met with so much support and viewership that a second season was confirmed justly.

“My team had a lot of conviction and faith that we could weather the pandemic and use this time to explore themes we wouldn’t have otherwise. We’ve learned a great deal about the tenacity needed to pull off a TV show during the pandemic, and do it in a way that’s respectful of the time but evergreen and positive. We’re equally excited that our wanderlusting viewers can still check out Season One,” said White II. “It can also be viewed on the PBS PASSPORT streaming service and very soon on Revry.”

In that season, Ernest White II visited 11 international destinations, including Northern Namibia, São Paulo, and Tajikistan.

“We love domestic travel but traveling internationally is pretty fly, pun intended,” Ernest White II added.

In 2020, many Americans felt too paranoid to travel between states and now, Ernest White II is going on his own voyage across the United States. The importance of televising Black travelers going across the mid-West and the rich Southern states is critical because there are specific regions in the United States where Black families don’t feel comfortable traveling to because of the US’s historical racial and social differences.

Domestic travel encompasses so much — overseas territories, cities, states, urban areas and places where it’s just you and Mother Earth. I think the pandemic has opened up a new-found appreciation for the diversity and richness of destinations found within our borders. For me, traveling has been about connection and authenticity— something that you can cultivate near or far.”

‘Fly Brother’ season two takes advantage of the local aspect of visiting neighboring US states and small communities by taking viewers on an in-depth journey that highlights the minor characteristics that make these cities so quaint and comfortable for its longstanding residents. Ernest White II knows the significance of everyday walks of life that contribute to the culture of a thriving city or community.

“While every episode includes great food, music, and culture we really delve much deeper into small community-based stories in this season. We couldn’t be tone-deaf to the times,” asserted White II.

“Diverse communities exist in every part of the United States, and part of my mission is to showcase a more inclusive, expansive version of each place. I believe that travelers, like the ones watching my show and the ones who read Travel Noire, are looking for authenticity, and that comes from the people — all of the people.”

The docu-series produced by Presidio Pictures and presented by Northern California Public Media is expected to air October 2021.

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