First Class And Business Class: Are They Worth It?
Photo Credit: cottonbro from Pexels

Photo Credit: cottonbro from Pexels

First Class And Business Class: Are They Worth It?

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Maggie J.
Maggie J. Feb 23, 2022

Waiting to be the last to board. Not having much legroom. Enduring the noise from crying babies. Waiting in line for the bathroom. Waiting to be the last to get off the plane. General seating can oftentimes make you wonder, are first-class and business class the better way to go? Is first class even worth it?

When you first start comparing flights, I’m sure you often notice a large price difference between general boarding and business class. Paying hundreds of dollars more to sit on the same plane hardly seems worth it.

But, what do you get when you fly first-class that you wouldn’t in general seating? It depends. Small airplanes may not offer much at all. International flights can offer everything from a bed to pajamas and a five-course meal. There are times when first class and business class may make sense. Maybe not financially, but definitely worth every penny of the comfort that comes along with it.

Your checked luggage is given priority and always has a special tag on it. It goes on the plane last and comes out first. There’s generally a shorter line for business and first-class passengers at TSA.


The benefits of business-class include early seating, with a drink upon arrival. The flight attendants take good care of their passengers, taking their luggage and coats for them as they find their seats. Warm washcloths (or sometimes hand sanitizer wipes) and drinks are served as other passengers board the plane.

Even some domestic flights have seats in business class that lay flat, giving travelers the opportunity to nap properly during the flight. Bathrooms are separate from the general seating. So, with fewer people using the facilities, lines will likely not form. Children are allowed to sit in first class, but it is rare that one will disturb your flight.

The amenities get even more extravagant with international travel. Airport pickup, the ability to dine anytime, closing doors, pajamas, and sleep masks…the options are endless.

When is it worth it to book first-class or business class? The short answer. When the price is right for the amenities you will receive. A few tips? Book through lesser-known hubs. Use points or miles to upgrade rather than booking first-class outright. And, always ask to be added to the upgrade list when you arrive at the airport.

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