Care to see the Eiffel Tower without going to France? With over 80 replicas of the iconic tower all over the world, you have plenty of copies to choose from. But it isn’t the only landmark to be replicated. There are many you can find duplicated in the places you’d least expect to see them. Here are some places you can visit famous landmark replicas around the world.

1. Leaning Tower of Pisa - Niles, Illinois

Heidi Kaden

The Leaning Tower of Niles, Illinois is a replica of the one in Pisa, only half the size of it. It was erected in 1934 to conceal a water tower that supplied water to two large pools nearby.

2. Taj Mahal - Dhaka, Bangladesh

Jovyn Chamb

The Taj Mahal is India’s most popular monument and a New Wonder of the World. In 2008, a Bangladeshi filmmaker had a replica created in Dhaka with hopes of making a version of the famed landmark that everyone could see. In addition to this one, there are six other Taj Mahal clones around the world!

3. Statue of Liberty - Odaiba, Japan

Freddy G.

Visitors to Odaiba, Japan can check out a version of the Statue of Liberty that is just 1/7th the size of the real deal. Built in 1998, the fake was only supposed to be erected temporarily in honor of the relationship between Japan and France. However, it was such a hit they decided to let it remain.

4. Singapore Merlion - Medan, Indonesia

Jay Ang

The famous half-lion, half-fish symbol of Singapore not only appears in statue form there. Medan, Indonesia has its own version. But not only has the town recreated the merlion statue; it has replicated many of Singapore’s landmarks, including the Fountain of Wealth and the Fullerton Hotel arches.

5. The Parthenon - Nashville, Tennessee

Spencer Davis

While the original Parthenon is in Athens, Greece, you can find a replica of it in Nashville, Tennessee’s Centennial Park. The full-scale copycat, which was designed by architect William Crawford Smith, came to be in 1897.

6. Christ the Redeemer - Almada, Portugal


Another New Wonder of the World and icon of Brazil is its famed Christ the Redeemer statue. Lisbon’s Cardinal Patriarch, Manuel Gonçalves Cerejeira, saw it when visiting Rio de Janeiro and loved the statue so much that he had one created in Almada, Portugal.

There are also numerous other replicas of Christ the Redeemer in countries like Angola, Mexico, Poland, Italy, Vietnam, Switzerland, and even various others in Brazil.

7. Mount Rushmore - Chongqing, China

Jean Beller

When it comes to replicas of famous world monuments, China takes the cake. The country has more than any other nation, including a replica of the United States’ Mount Rushmore. Located in the former capital of Chongqing, the government built the monument in honor of the Americans who helped them defeat Japan.

Among the other famous copies found in China are replicas of London’s Tower Bridge, Athen’s Parthenon, Giza’s Great Sphynx, Rome’s Colosseum, Paris’ Arc de Triomphe, and the Sydney Opera House.

8. Eiffel Tower - Various Countries

Denys Nevozhai

With so many copies around the globe, the Eiffel Tower is the world’s most duplicated landmark. Replicas of the famous tower can be found in countries like Japan, Australia, Pakistan, Greece, Panama, Germany, Czech Republic, Morocco, Denmark, Israel, and the United States.

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