Europe is currently experiencing an increase in train travel because of social media platforms. On TikTok, the hashtag #TrainTravel has over 165 million views, and #Interrail is almost at 300 million views in June. Radical Storage, a luggage storage company, has recently announced a dream job opportunity for train travel enthusiasts: a Night Train Tester in Europe.

If chosen, the Night Train Tester will receive a variety of exciting benefits. They will be given a one-month Interrail pass, which will allow them to embark on up to seven journeys and explore Europe’s diverse landscapes. They will be fully reimbursed for up to five different night trains of their choice across the continent. The successful applicant also will receive one month’s worth of luggage storage across various locations in Europe to ensure a smooth travel experience. The Night Train Tester will receive £500 (or the equivalent in other currencies) as compensation for their time and effort.

Applicants must be at least 18 years old, be capable of traveling within the European Union and other European countries in 2023, and have valid travel documents, insurance and identification.

Variety of Tasks

Once hired, the Night Train Tester will be responsible for a variety of tasks. They will be required to board five different night trains of their choice, including the brand-new Brussels to Berlin night train route. Throughout their journey, they will photograph and film their experiences to help future travelers plan their own adventures.

The selected candidate will be expected to write a comprehensive blog about their night train experiences, focusing on various aspects, such as sleep quality, overall travel experience, ease of boarding and train usage, interactions with the train crew and the facilities provided. They will evaluate Radical Storage Angels, a reputable luggage storage service, at various locations throughout Europe.

To apply for the Night Train Tester position and find out more information, go to Radical Storage’s website and fill out the official application Google form.