The now-defunct Pan American airline is responsible for glamourizing the field of aviation.

They were one of the first air carriers to offer passenger flights departing the US to destinations around the world. With modelesque flight attendants, handsome pilots, and great attention to detail, Pan Am helped define first-class flying and inspired generations of travelers to join them in the skies.

The airline went bankrupt in 1991, but hopeful passengers can still get their first-class Pan Am experience thanks to the movie studio Air Hollywood.

The Pan Am experience takes place in the heart of Hollywood every weekend, and from check-in to liftoff, voyagers are given the same luxury treatment that gave the airline its edge.

The evening begins at the check-in desk, where guests are given a 1970’s boarding pass, ticket jacket, and first-class carry-on tags. They’re then given the opportunity to peruse vintage Pan Am memorabilia, including authentic uniforms, airline seats, handbags, artwork and more.

They’ll then be boarded onto the “Clipper Juan T. Trippe,” Air Hollywood’s tribute to Pan Am’s first Boeing 747. A stewardess directs passengers to their seats and starts them off with some libations as they prepare for departure. Guests are encouraged to explore the aircraft, which includes First Class on the deck, the Clipper Class, and the upper deck dining room. 

An in-flight safety demonstration is performed prior to “takeoff” and then guests are asked to take their seats as flight attendants prepare their tray tables for a five-course dining experience. Main deck passengers can relax in plush Sleeperette seats while upper deck passengers can climb the winding staircase to mingle in the bar area.

After dinner, guests are invited to tour Air Hollywood’s various production sets, including the original cockpit from Airplane! along with props from Bridesmaids, Wolf of Wall Street and other feature films.

The one-of-a-kind Pan Am Experience will run Clipper Cabinmates $475, Main Deck First Class passengers $675, and Upper Deck Lounge guests $875. Prices include two tickets, a five-course meal, an open bar, and entertainment that ranges from a Pan Am fashion show to aviation trivia.