Easy Vacation Nails That Don't Require a Visit to the Salon
Photo Credit: Photo credit: RDNE Stock project

Photo Credit: Photo credit: RDNE Stock project

Easy Vacation Nails That Don't Require a Visit to the Salon

Travel Noire
Travel Noire Jun 2, 2023

The prep work that goes into a vacation can feel like a major stressor. You have to shop for new outfits and pack your bags. Then, there’s the entire beauty aspect of travel preparation. If you’ve ever struggled to get a last minute nail appointment, then you are in need of easy vacation nail styles.

As long as you’re prepared, vacation nails don’t have to stress you out too much. With the right style and polish, you can be on your way to the manicure of your dreams and one that’s perfect for snapping pics. Travel Noire rounded up a selection of all the items that can help you get the perfect set of vacation nails from home.

Emilie Heathe’s Nail Polish

Nails with a metallic, chrome finish are having a moment, and they’re perfect for summer vacation nails. It has the right amount of sparkle, but the chrome gives it a slightly edgier feel. Emilie Heathe’s collection of nail polishs have multiple shades, such as a metallic red shade and a liquid gold hue.

A fun feature about the nail polish bottles is that they are magnetic. If you have more than one bottle, then they can magnetize together, as the perfect polish pair in your carry-on bag

KISS’ Almond Gel Press-On Nails

Press-on nails have come a long way since their incarnation. Today’s versions are easy to apply, can last for more than a week and are in different shapes and colors. You can get your desired vacation nails without requiring a visit to the salon. These KISS press-on nails combine a few elements that make them perfect for this summer. They are almond shape and have a French manicure style with the colorful tips. This is an easy solution for a last minute manicure before a trip.

Essie Vintage’s Vanity Nail Polish Collection

This lavender Essie polish is a perfect look for vacation nails. This color is a part of the limited edition collection inspired by old Hollywood. This shade can work for a summer wedding or tropical vacation. 

Gellen’s Gel Nail Polish Kit

There’s something great about being able to do your own nails. Beginners will find it easy to have a fresh vacation nails set with this Gellen kit. It comes with everything you’ll need for success, including a nail lamp, base and top coats, a dozen polishes and more. This is truly a way to keep your nails looking fresh on a budget. Each kit comes with a range of different colors like this classic nude for the girl who wants to keep it neat and simple. 

Macute’s Nail Stickers for Acrylic Nails

Learning how to create nail art can be a bit tricky and requires a steady hand; however, if you want to upgrade your existing manicure, these nail stickers are the way to go. They are easy to apply, and the set comes with six sheets of stickers that includes a variety of flowers and butterflies. The stickers have a slight 3D effect, adding some fun dimension to your nails. 

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