The Super Bowl is just days away, and the Phoenix area is expected to be inundated with football fans from across the country. In fact, it is estimated that at least a million people will be visiting the Valley for the Super Bowl. Many of them are driving to Arizona to attend this sporting event.

However, on the list of ways people want to spend their time before the game, sitting in a car for hours is probably not very high. If you’re traveling before The Super Bowl, don’t let these errors ruin the football event of the year.

Travel Noire spoke with automotive and travel specialists from SIXT rent a car for suggestions on driving to Arizona before and during the big game, whether you’re in a rental car or your own vehicle.

Plan the best route in advance

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Many people assume that a journey to a friend’s house to watch the game will be the same as normal, when in reality, many people and tourists will be traveling before the game – especially in places like Arizona, where people will be attending the actual game. Keep in mind the areas which might be the busiest in your city, and try to avoid them.

Choose to travel when roads are less crowded 

Try not to travel just before the game starts and straight after, as this will be extremely busy. Understandably, many people will want to make the most of the day and squeeze in other activities before the big game, but this could leave you drained. In addition the crowds might make you late for your viewing party. 

Check your car before departing


While many people will check their cars before a long road trip, make sure your brakes, battery and engine are all working properly before setting off to a Super Bowl party. This will keep you from being potentially stranded on the side of the road from any issues and missing the game. Make sure you also depart on a full tank of gas or with a fully charged battery so you don’t have to make extra stops that could cause delays.

Remember to pack all your cooking essentials

Figuring out how to pack anything edible is tricky business and with the added anxiety of heading to a Super Bowl viewing party, it is no different. However, while you are focused on transporting your messy game day treats — from dips and chips to wings and sliders — you may forget to pack other essentials that will help you enjoy your meal. Don’t forget these two things: ice for your cooler and paper towels for any spills. 

Keep calm in traffic

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A little bit of traffic or delays are bound to happen when you are driving to Arizona during such a popular game, so keep your excitement up by not falling victim to road rage or aggressive driving. Turn on some music or a radio station that broadcasts the game and trust that you will get there, eventually! 

Be aware of fines

Driving errors and parking fines are more common during popular events, such as the Super Bowl, due to a range of factors, such as an increase of vehicles in low-traffic neighborhoods and reckless driving. Get to your destination early to find an official parking spot and keep clear from blocking driveways, hydrants and other violations to avoid a fine!

The more aware you are of possible fines you could face, the better off you are. Waving a foam finger around or wearing a silly hat could also land drivers with a ticket before the big game, as it can be considered reckless driving where you don’t have full control of the wheel. Police will also be looking for certain violations on game day, such as drunk driving, so make sure you drive responsibly.