Seville, Spain is the most handsome city I’ve been to. After four days of exploring its narrow pathways, strolling the grand avenues, and getting lost in conversation with its residents, “handsome” seemed the most fitting description I could drum up.

At first glance, beautiful was the word that came to mind. That seemed to describe the way the expanse of orange tiled roofs and pastel colored buildings peppered the skyline on Seville’s clear, sunny days. It’s clean, it’s well preserved, and the sun never forgets to shine there. Seville was made for postcards, airline commercials, and “Hey! I’ve been to Spain!” t-shirt graphics.

After a few hours, historical was the word buzzing in my head. A walk around any block and Seville will show you that the centuries old churches, homes, and cobblestone roads form the backbone of the city. I couldn’t help but imagine the people that inhabited these places, and the stories that have emerged from these spaces. Nonetheless, while Seville respects its past, it has a vibrancy that’s driving it into the future.

When the sun went down on my first day in Seville, I thought stylish was the word that fit the bill. The city’s residents have mastered an elusive mix of classy, bohemian chic. Women ride their mopeds in dresses, blazers and heels, and men ride motorcycles in tailored suits. Folks here are impeccably manicured, but there’s a certain effortlessness, too. More attention is paid to how they live their lives, than to what clothing they live their lives in.

At the end of my first Seville night, I just knew charming was the word to describe it. A chat with someone from Seville is guaranteed to be an engaging and sincere encounter. If you show a genuine interest they will open up about their city, and about their lives, which gives you a true glimpse into what makes the town tick. They awake from afternoon siestas to saunter to late night gatherings over drinks and tapas…followed by more drinks, and more tapas. Their speech and laughter floats from their tables and into the warm night air, wrapping city squares and plazas in the buzz of friendship and love. The scene is impressive, to say the least.

As my long weekend in Seville passed by, timeless, romantic, and complicated were among the terms that struck me as applicable to the city. By the end of my four days, handsome bolted into my mind and stayed there. Seville catches your eye, like any good looking thing would, but it relies on more than its looks to keep your attention. There’s an undercurrent of mystery and complexity that extends past the aesthetic appeal of this gem. This vibe is why the residents stay, why the visitors return, and why you should make your way there soon.

This story was curated by Njaimeh Njie.