Does Alaska's Chena Hot Springs Really Increase Fertility?
Photo Credit: TN

Photo Credit: TN

Does Alaska's Chena Hot Springs Really Increase Fertility?

Maggie J.
Maggie J. Apr 7, 2022

Does Alaska’s Chena Hot Springs Really Increase Fertility? An hour outside of Fairbanks, Alaska sits The Chena Hot Springs Resort. Though the hot springs was used by Natives for centuries, Chena Hot Springs Resort was started in 1905. The natural hot springs had a bathhouse, stables and cabins for visitors just six years later. Its quick rise in popularity came mainly from the gold miners of the area.

The waters are, “rich in sodium, bicarbonate, sulfate and chloride, which made them considerably different than any other hot springs in the US… It’s waters restorative properties have been documented by many scientists and health experts, with countless individuals seeking out Chena hot springs for help with various chronic disorders or simply to enjoy the feeling of relaxing in a thermal bath,” according to Alaska Wildlife Guide.

It’s been said that many newlywed couples from Japan will come to the hot springs in the wintertime in hopes of increasing their chance of fertility and to bring luck and intelligence to their new addition.

Does Alaska's Chena Hot Springs Really Increase Fertility?
Maggie Jay, @sailing_DIPITY

Dipping into the warm waters with the night sky clear and the moon out, steam pouring out of the springs and billowing into the rocks and snow covered ground below is the perfect scene for a romantic encounter. But, through the steamy air, the Northern Lights appear, dancing in the sky. It is true couples from around the world come to Chena hot springs for the romantic ambiance, but it’s actually the lights that are said to be what increases fertility and brings luck.

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That’s right, it is the Northern Lights, not the waters that are believed to bring fertility and luck to newly wed couples. The belief is that if a newlywed couple gets it on under the Northern Lights, they will be blessed with a child and the baby will be born with luck on their side.

Alaska’s Chena hot springs doesn’t actually increase fertility. The hot springs are said to heal aches and pains, ease breathing issues, circulatory problems and psoriasis. In conclusion, Japanese tourists and newlyweds come to see the Northern Lights while soaking in Chena hot springs simply because it is breathtaking… and romantic.

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