Disney is bringing back its highly anticipated 24-day private jet tour. The event will offer guests the opportunity to explore 12 of the company’s iconic theme parks located around the world. This remarkable adventure, known as the “Disney Parks Around The World” tour, will be facilitated by Icelandair. Throughout the tour, guests will visit enchanting destinations including the United States, Japan, China, France, Egypt, and India.

The all-inclusive price of $115,000 per person guarantees an indulgent experience. It will encompass luxurious accommodations at renowned Disneyland Hotels across the globe. Moreover, guests will enjoy the convenience of direct flights between each destination aboard the VIP-configured plane, featuring an attentive flight crew, an onboard chef capable of crafting exquisite culinary delights, three dedicated support staff members, and a qualified doctor who will be readily available throughout the journey to attend to any medical needs.

The debut of two enchanting Disney private jet adventures is scheduled for 2024. The first tour will commence in Los Angeles on June 16 and conclude in Orlando on July 9. The second journey will depart on July 28 and return on August 20, promising an unforgettable summer escape.

Visiting Historical Wonders Around the World

The planned itinerary encompasses nine captivating cities, each serving as a captivating stop on tour. From the magical ambiance of Anaheim and the vibrant allure of San Francisco to the exotic charms of Tokyo, Shanghai, and Hong Kong, guests will embark on an extraordinary exploration. Furthermore, the journey will take them to the historical wonders of Agra, India, the awe-inspiring splendors of Cairo, Egypt, and the romantic allure of Paris, France, ultimately culminating in Orlando, Florida.

As guests travel through these destinations, they will relish 69 meals throughout the trip. The menu includes 31 meals served during site visits and 23 breakfasts, lunches, and dinners. In addition, travelers will be able to have one-on-one interactions with three Adventure Guides, Imagineers, and special guests. According to the official announcement, tour participants will have exclusive access to experiences such as a behind-the-scenes tour of the world-renowned Disney transportation system, offering an unparalleled glimpse into the magic that brings the parks to life.

Disney has established a minimum age requirement of 12 for tour participants and recommends a minimum age of 14 for those unaccompanied by an adult. These guidelines ensure that guests have an enjoyable and age-appropriate experience throughout the tour.