Discover Authentic Mexican Experiences: Explore These 4 Towns Near Cancun
Photo Credit: Alex Arekuzendo

Photo Credit: Alex Arekuzendo

Discover Authentic Mexican Experiences: Explore These 4 Towns Near Cancun

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Rafael Peña
Rafael Peña Jun 13, 2023

Cancun, the preferred international vacation destination for Americans, continues to reign supreme, outshining other popular tourist hotspots with its luxurious resorts and pristine beachfronts. However, for those seeking a more authentic Mexican experience, hidden treasures in the vicinity of Cancun offer a glimpse into the Mexico of old. Here are four remarkable towns where limited development has allowed visitors to immerse themselves in traditional Mexican culture.


Phot Credit: La Ciudad De Valladolid

Valladolid, located just a short drive from Cancun, is an ideal weekend getaway. This colonial-era settlement has preserved centuries-old customs and offers a captivating journey into the past. Originally inhabited by the Mayans, Valladolid flourished under Spanish rule, becoming a vital center for trade and culture in the Yucatan Peninsula. Prominent landmarks such as the grand Cathedral of San Servacio and the well-organized grid-like structure showcase the town’s rich history. Moreover, Valladolid’s proximity to renowned attractions like the Mayan archaeological complex of Chichen Itza and the pristine Cenote Zaci further enhances its allure.

Felipe Carillo Puerto

Photo Credit: La CIudad De Felipe Carrillo Puerto

A few hours’ drive south of Cancun along the coast lies Felipe Carrillo Puerto, where visitors can indulge in a quintessentially Mayan experience. This hidden gem, nestled near the Sian Ka’an Reserve, remains untouched by rampant development. It serves as a haven for the preservation of Mayan traditions, with locals conversing in Mayan dialects alongside Spanish. The Na’atik Language and Culture Institute, a vital institution in the community, plays a pivotal role in keeping Mayan heritage alive. The Holy Cross Catholic Church and the Museo Maya Santa Cruz Xbaalam Naj, chronicling the Mayan revolt against Hispanic settlers, enrich the town’s cultural tapestry.


Photo Credit: Ciudad De Izamal

Izamal, though slightly farther away, is a destination that encapsulates the essence of Mexico’s past. Known as the “yellow city,” Izamal captivates visitors with its vibrant buildings and centuries-old cobbled streets. As one of the oldest cities in the region, Izamal vividly reflects the arrival of the Spanish and their profound influence on the native Mayan population. Notable attractions include an impressive Mayan pyramid and the breathtaking Franciscan Monastery with its expansive open atrium, second in size only to the Vatican’s. While a day trip is possible, an overnight stay offers a more immersive experience in this culturally significant town.

El Cuyo

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In the state of Yucatan, a mere two-and-a-half-hour drive from Cancun, lies El Cuyo, a hidden paradise that has preserved its charm and authenticity. This quaint fishing village, often described as a “traveler’s paradise,” provides a serene escape from the bustling atmosphere of Cancun. Sandy streets and a laid-back ambiance define the town, which has recently made strides in enhancing its appeal. From improved internet connectivity to the emergence of boutique hotels, El Cuyo is evolving while keeping its pristine beaches intact. Its preservation efforts could soon earn its recognition as a Magical Town, a testament to its historical significance and its invaluable contribution to the tourism industry.

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