Dining On The Plane: Travelers Weigh In After This Viral Photo Made Its Rounds
Photo Credit: Stewart Sutton

Photo Credit: Stewart Sutton

Dining On The Plane: Travelers Weigh In After This Viral Photo Made Its Rounds

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DeAnna Taylor
DeAnna Taylor Jul 1, 2021

For over a year, people across the world have waited for the moment where they could go through TSA, fight the crowds, and eventually walk down the jet bridge and onto the plane again. But, somewhere in between travel slowing down and now, it seems that a few rules have changed— including those for dining on the plane.

During the height of the pandemic, many airlines stopped meal and snack services to minimize the chances of people taking down face masks— one of the main protectors against COVID-19.

And although most still haven’t resumed for economy flyers, it seems some passengers are taking dining on the plane into their own hands.

Early this week, a now viral photo began circulating showing a female passenger with a smorgasbord-style meal set up at her seat on her flight. There is no word on where the Spirit Airlines plane was going.

dining on the plane
Courtesy of Tommie Collins| Facebook

In the photo, which can be found on nearly every social media platform, a Black woman appears to have an entire seafood boil complete with crawfish, crab legs, and more. The passenger next to her, although unclear if they were together, appears to be holding his nose from the smell as she appears unbothered.

Several travelers weighed in on the woman dining on the plane, and well, it appears to be mixed feelings.

“How she get all that pass TSA?”- traveler Raul Y Barcia said in a thread.

Of course, some replied that food is allowed through TSA gates and pointed out that it is only liquids that are regulated for security reasons.

“My boyfriend’s daughter has severe allergies to seafood and has trouble breathing when it’s just mildly in the air. She flew with us down to Florida and I had to register her food allergies with the airline, so they wouldn’t have nuts, seafood, or egg products on the plane. So this could be deadly. Additionally, it is highly inconsiderate of others because we all know the smell is going to be super strong. All these people wanting to push the limits for attention because technically there aren’t rules against it. But where is just common courtesy or manners? Can we find other ways to get attention that aren’t so selfish?” Traveler Rachel Dann shared on the same thread.

Many people shared Dann’s sentiments, especially as it relates to those with allergies.

“Depending on how long the flight is, [this is okay]… I was recently on a 10hr flight from Hawaii. Everyone brought food on board in large capacity because they only served modest snacks,” traveler Zen Flower said.

“Mind my business. Food is allowed on planes,” Meghan Sparkle pointed out.

What do you think, TN fam? Allow it, or should something like this have regulations?

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