The owners of RollerCade, Detroit’s oldest, Black-owned skating rink are will soon bring a new experience to the city’s most vibrant outdoor space this summer. Monroe Street Midway is a family-friendly entertainment space that features basketball courts, food trucks, and Motor City’s only outdoor roller skating rink.

“We’ve been in talks since 2018 I believe to bring something like this to Detroit,” RollerCade owner Kyle, told local CBS Local Detroit.


Black and Janine Folks are third-generation Black-owned skating rink owners and say being a part of the historical space is an honor for their family.

“To see my grandmothers face outside on the mural outside the fence I was just in awe,” Folks added.

All summer long, the picturesque space will feature theme nights, including Movement Mondays, R & B Tuesdays, and Throwback Thursdays. Food trucks at Munroe Street Midway will highlight the city’s best restaurants and street food, and the sports zone is where you will find the basketball, tennis, and handball half courts.

The midway also features colorful, vibrant artwork from Black artists, including, contemporary artist Olivia Guterson, poet Jessica Care Moore, fine artist and muralist Phil Simpson, and multidisciplinary artist Sheefy McFly.


“What do I love about Detroit in 17 syllables, so I wrote a series of Detroit Love haiku about 36 altogether,” said Moore.

“I really wanted to compliment the movement of her words and the energy and really just embody this really growing love and appreciation for Detroit,” said Guterson.

The skating rink and art space won’t be in the city for long. It opened on May 28 and will only be open through the fall.

Roller skate sessions will be blocked off in two- or three-hour time slots and will cost $10 per session. If you don’t have your own pair of skates, you can rent a pair for $3. While walk-ins are welcomed, you’re better off scheduling ahead of time.

Find out more information about park hours and scheduling here.