Angola President João Lourenco has made good on his promise to the family believed to be the descendants of two of the first enslaved Africans in America. 

Vincent Tucker and his sister Wanda Tuckers are the co-founders of The William Tucker 1624 Society. Born to Antoney and Isabella, William is known as the first child of African ancestry born in Virginia. Many of his descendants continue to live in the Hampton Roads area today. 

Antoney and Isabella are Angolan and believed to have been captured by the British off the Portuguese slave ship known as the San Juan Bautista, and eventually became servants on the plantation of Captain William Tucker and his wife. 

The siblings previously met President Lourenco at the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture. Lourenco learned more about the Tuckers, their family, and promised to host them in Angola. 

It was a trip of a lifetime for the siblings. 

“My mind began to bring everything together,” Vincent told 13 News Now about his five-day visit. “The stories I’ve been hearing, they started coming alive.”

They told the local outlet that one of the most significant moments on the trip was dipping their feet into the Kwanza River – an access point for slave ships on their way to the port of Luanda. 

“We can just imagine how that journey was for the enslaved— taken down to the river and being hauled away. It was very touching,” Vincent stated.  

The siblings founded The William Tucker 1624 Society to conduct research into the life of William Tucker and that of his descendants. Their goal is to tell the story of their ancestors and some other first Africans that arrive in this country by promoting educational programs and activities.

You can follow their work on Instagram and find out more information about the events they’re hosting on the website.