When Gloria Gorham saw her dental bill in America, she decided to head to Mexico for the procedure instead.

She found out about Mexico’s low-cost dental services from fellow travelers.

“Even with me having dental insurance, I was going to be charged more than $2,000 for a root canal and one crown in the US,” she told Travel Noire.

Gorham flew to Mexico, where the consultation and x-rays were free.  She ended up getting a root canal, three crowns, two fillings, and a zoom white cleaning all for $2,100 at Smile Makeover Playa del Carmen.

Photo courtesy of Gloria Gorham

Gorham discusses more about her experience and why she recommends dental tourism.

Travel Noire: There are many misconceptions that it’s not safe getting any medical or dental work in another country. Can you describe your overall experience in Mexico?

Gorham:  When I came home back to the states after my initial consultation in Mexico, one of my teeth started hurting me. I  went to an American dentist and the staff said they really couldn’t do anything at that time except pack the tooth.

I was in pain for like 10 days straight. My face and cheek was swollen. I found out later that wasn’t supposed to happen. It left a negative impression in my mind for American dentists.

I started thinking about how Mexico was state of the art, they speak English, and it’s very clean. There was marble on the walls and when you lay down, there’s a TV above your head. They’ll play YouTube or whatever music you want to focus on while you’re getting your work done. It’s really nice and not substandard at all.

Photo courtesy of Gloria Gorham

Travel Noire: What advice would you give our readers thinking of following in your footsteps?

Gorham: Do your homework the same way you would here in the States, and check reviews. I didn’t go to the first place that was recommended to me. They really didn’t speak enough English for me and the neighborhood they were in was a little questionable.

I would also tell people to accommodate enough time in your schedule.

In Mexico, they fit me for the crown and that takes a day or so to process.  For me, when they put it on, the dentist did not like the way it fit so I had to go back another day. 

I had everything done in about four appointments, which was about five days. The staff told me after my final appointment to give them some paperwork from my insurance company because they would try to ask for reimbursement.