A Delta passenger was recently kicked off a flight for what was considered an offensive phrase on his sweater, and now is being threatened with an indefinite flight ban. In response, the passenger, Jauniel Brooks, is planning to sue Delta Air Lines.

Jauneil Brooks is now being faced with an indefinite national flight ban for refusing to remove the sweater that read “F**k Biden” on the Delta Air Lines flight to Los Angeles.

Footage posted on TikTok by Brooks shows airline staff speaking with the Delta passenger, explaining that the sweater was non-compliant with airline policy. The flight attendant then warned that she would have to disembark all fliers if Brooks refused to leave the aircraft to turn the hoodie inside out.

Allegedly, the decision was made because the passenger refused to comply with the airline demands – namely that the hoodie was not compliant with the demand that attire ‘not cause offense’.

After refusing to remove the sweatshirt and allegedly not wearing a face mask correctly, Brooks shared a video of being disembarked begrudgingly and then eventually removing the hoodie in efforts to avoid a ‘no-fly’ ban. After removing the hoodie, Brooks was approached by the same flight attendant claiming that he was no longer allowed to remain on the aircraft.

In the video, the conversation can be heard: “So I’m still getting kicked off the plane?” Brooks asked in the video. “Yeah, you’re not putting – you’re not wearing the mask,” the flight attendant responded. “I’m relaying the message to you what the captain says, he said he doesn’t want you on the aircraft anymore.”

Brooks was then kicked off the flight and told at the check-in desk that he would be getting a refund for the airfare.

In a statement, Delta shared that it “has long prohibited customers from displaying profane or derogatory words or images,” and there is an expectation for passengers “to treat each other with dignity and respect, always.”

Further to the incident, Libs of TikTok also posted screenshots of a conversation had with an alleged Delta representative to discover more about the airline’s clothing policies. The representative claimed that no such clothing policy existed.

“So, technically, I can wear a shirt that says ‘F Trump’?,” he asked. The representative confirmed that you could wear anything you wanted.

Brooks recently confirmed that he will be suing Delta for the incident. In a statement released by The Post Millennial, Brooks explained that: “It’s crazy how just the day before I was sitting in the room with Senator Ted Cruz and Senator Johnson about how our freedoms are being stripped away. And, you know, I guess it’s just the right timing, but I’m gonna fight for our freedom of speech, and companies can’t be taking advantage of American people anymore. Just because their pockets are huge,” explained Brooks.