Dallas' Dopest Art Gallery Is Also The City's Only Black Woman-Owned
Photo Credit: Photo credit: J Taylor Studios, Artist: Jeremy Biggers

Photo Credit: Photo credit: J Taylor Studios, Artist: Jeremy Biggers

Dallas' Dopest Art Gallery Is Also The City's Only Black Woman-Owned

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Ayah A.
Ayah A. Jan 24, 2023

If you’ve got plans to visit Dallas, be sure to stop by Daisha Board Gallery while you’re in town. The contemporary art gallery is the city’s only gallery owned by a Black woman.

Showcasing the work of a diverse range of emerging artists in Dallas, Daisha Board Gallery has become a hotspot among locals and visitors alike, who come to experience its unique art and vibe. It opened in November 2021, and this year was named Dallas’ Best Art Gallery by D Magazine.

Having always been passionate about art, Daisha Board founded Black Sheep Art Culture Inc. in 2017 to ensure the representation of marginalized artists and to advocate for increased visibility for BIPOC artists in traditional and non-traditional art spaces.

Photo credit: Miguel Atkins, Artist: Jeremy Biggers

“It took me getting laid off in 2016 to decide I didn’t want to be at the disposal of another company,” said Daisha. “I took a year off with the support of my family and took a leap of faith and invested in myself. The pandemic provided me more of an opportunity to discover new artists and meet art enthusiasts. I realized so many people have a desire to be ‘seen.'”

After working with other art spaces for over four years, Daisha felt that in order for her to better support and give voice to marginalized artists, she needed to be in an ownership position. This was the inspiration behind Daisha Board Gallery–representation–along with her children, legacy, and generational wealth.

Photo credit: K&S Photography

Daisha Board Gallery works in various mediums, including painting, sculpture, photography, performance art, and digital media. In addition to showcasing art by BIPOC artists, the gallery also features works created by LGBTQIA artists and artists with disabilities–communities of artists that receive less than 5% in representation at other galleries.

Though Daisha Board Gallery is proud to be the only Black woman-owned gallery in Dallas, it has no desire to remain the only one.

“I want us all to win, especially in areas where we are not represented. I don’t take my position lightly; I will continue to advocate for marginalized communities and create opportunities for advancement!”

Photo credit: K&S Photography, Artist: Jeremy Biggers

So far this year, Daisha Board Gallery has exhibited eight artists, with all of them having done phenomenally well in engagement and sales. It has also hosted the Women in Culture event with Lady Foot Locker as well as Hennessy Father’s Day Evening, Brothas in Meditation, Lee Merritt’s Campaign Fundraiser, and Art Collector Dinners.

“We just recently closed our largest exhibition so far, Jeremy Biggers’ DEFIANT, and our next, highly-anticipated solo exhibition by local mixed media artist Joey Brock begins October 15. We are excited to announce that we will be attending Art Basel this year with the prestigious PRIZM Art Fair in Miami next month! It’s a huge opportunity!”

Photo credit: K&S Photography

Other businesses Daisha recommends checking out when in Dallas are Good Cycle Vintage and The Vegan Food House in Bishop Arts District.

“I love how Dallas is truly becoming a more diverse city that is embracing more art and culture! There are areas where gentrification is present, however, I see more business owners fighting to preserve the cultural landscape of the city. I recommend Whiskeys Lounge and Sandaga near Fair Park for a dope night out. Also, brunch at Soiree Coffee Bar is a must in Trinity Groves. Pan African Connection for art, books, and jewelry, and The Plant Project for those with a green thumb.”

Photo credit: Jessica Taylor

For more information on Daisha Board Gallery, visit www.daishaboardgallery.com and follow the gallery on Instagram and Facebook.

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