The cryptocurrency sector is now setting its feet in the tourism industry. In September this year, Ariva World, a travel & tourism network that connects travelers with tourism service providers, launched its own cryptocurrency.

The company wants to replace tourist operations used by the traditional system, by offering a better efficient platform and promising to reward travelers. In other words, Ariva is the first cryptocurrency for tourism.

ARN is a BEP-20 coin (the token standard for the Binance Smart Chain(BSC) that serves as the payment coin for the different products and services offered within the Ariva ecosystem. Holders can use it to purchase products and services from merchants within the Ariva ecosystem, allowing them to make their bookings through crypto and earn virtual currency money from both their valuable content sharing and reservations they make. 

Also, this cryptocurrency has a total supply of 100 billion and a circulating supply of around 50 billion.

Users are provided wallets where they can store and spend their cryptocurrencies, paying the company’s fees, by QR codes.

“It ensures that users are completely safe when paying with their wallets, and users do not have to worry about losing their bank cards or credit card fraud as Ariva eliminates the need to carry a card around in a foreign place.” said the company on its website.

According to the company, Ariva’s native token ARV will help to facilitate transactions carried out by its users.

“The blockchain is structured in a way that payments are carried out similarly to existing POS and credit card transactions. But since this all happens on a blockchain and a QR code, users can buy anywhere, anytime using their ARV tokens without worrying about carrying fiat currency around,” Avaria said.

ARV does not have a transaction limit restriction, and holders can make multiple payments in their destination holiday countries.

“It provides immense benefits and eliminates the need for travelers to use traditional credit cards that expose travelers’ details to third-party companies”.

The company also said it is developing its native blockchain that will be launched in the future and provide a unique ecosystem for its products. 

Despite being new crypto, Ariva has experienced impressive growth. Currently, over 21,000 people have bought the digital currency and is now listed on 11 top exchanges.

The launching of the first cryptocurrency exclusively for the tourist sector is another chapter of a trend within the industry that seems to embrace this disruptive technology.

As Travel Noire reported last month, tourism companies are now looking to attract crypto holders worldwide, and booking travel with cryptocurrency is on the rise.