Many boat owners don’t even consider the benefits of joining a yacht club after buying a boat. Summer days are made for either working on the boat, or taking the boat out with friends and family. You can cruise for an hour or two before dropping anchor to jump in the water for, or ride up to the beach to explore before heading to a waterfront restaurant.

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After using the boat for some hours, cruisers usually head back to the local marina, plug the boat into shore power and call it a day, missing some of the major amenities of being part of a yacht club.

For those who don’t own a boat, but love boating, there are benefits to joining a yacht club. Oceanfront dining exclusively for members and guests is one big one. Loaner boats is another big benefit. Even people who don’t know how to sail or maneuver a powerboat can gain advantages from being part of a club by taking lessons and joining in on member activities and cruises. Consider joining a yacht to enjoy the following benefits.

1. More chances to travel

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Reciprocity gives boat owners more chances to travel. Once part of one yacht (or sailing) club, boaters can take dock their boat for free for one night in thousands of locations throughout the world. There’s a list of over 50 clubs in Florida that honor club reciprocity. Instead of taking the boat back to the marina, make it a week- long trip and take the boat from club to club instead.

2. Cost effective

Yacht clubs can be cost- effective for boat owners and non-boat owners alike. Usage of the club’s amenities can be worth the cost in itself. The price at some clubs is as little as the monthly docking fee at the local marina.

3. Amenities


Amenities at yacht clubs can be simple to extravagant. Members can of course dock their boat at the club. Other amenities can range from week- long cruises with other members and on-shore accommodations to exclusive access to loaner boats, lessons and restaurants.

4. Loaner boats

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Mentioned above, loaner boats can be anything from small engineless sailboats to larger motorboats or sailing yachts. Yacht club members can arrange to take the club’s boat out for a day (sometimes longer) as part of the membership.

5. A chance to learn

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Some club members are interested in learning how to sail or cruise. Joining a yacht club can allow both adults and kids to learn how. Join a racing team, get in on a group lesson or schedule time to get a one-on-one class at the local yacht club.

6. Be part of something unique

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Boaters can build comradery by joining a yacht club. Find others who are curious or have a love of the water and water activities. Some clubs may have project boats where members can learn how to fix and maintain their own boat with hands-on learning.

7. Safety

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City marinas don’t always have private access to the docks, which leaves opportunity for vandalism or theft. Yacht clubs offer the privacy and safety boat owners need. Beyond just the security found on the dock, but boat safety courses are also usually found at yacht clubs.

8. Group activities

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Yacht Clubs offer many chances for their members to participate in group activities. Oceanside BBQ’s, games, theme nights and more are offered at most clubs.

9. Captain's Lounge

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Some much more illustrious than others, the Captain’s lounge is a place to hang out, be comfortable and meet other sailors and boaters. Pool tables, couches, TV’s, recliners, drinks and refreshments can be found in the Captain’s lounge.

10. Regattas and group trips

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Race your own boat in a series of races with your yacht club, or join another racing team on their boat.

Some yacht clubs offer organized trips, where boat owners all sail together to several destinations over a several day period. Having “buddy boats” is a great way to successfully and safely sail.