The positive aspect of a long-haul flight is the end result; an amazing destination and hopefully some pleasant travel memories. However, the not-so-great part about those long flights is sitting for an extended period of time. Also, if it’s an overnight flight, then trying to get a few hours of sleep can be a challenge.

One way to make a long flight more bearable is to bring, and even wear, a few pieces that are cozy. This can range from a fashionable airport outfit that’s actually comfortable to a sleep mask that heats up and soothes your eyes. Here are a few essentials for your next long-haul flight. 

LAMART Travel Neck Pillow

This is similar to a hoodie, but not one you’re used to wearing on a cold flight. Your usual travel neck pillow gets an upgrade with the addition of a hood attachment. The pillow is made of comfortable memory foam. The addition of the hoodie provides you with even more warmth and comfort. The snap closure at the neck and drawstrings around the hood make this easy to adjust to your comfort level. 

TOLENY 3 Piece Fuzzy Set

A long-haul flight probably isn’t the time to wear your most restrictive pieces of clothing. Instead, a 3-piece set like this offers optimal comfort and it’s quite stylish. The fuzzy fleece feels great against the skin and the pants have a slightly higher waist and elastic band. The long open front cardigan acts as a great blanket to nuzzle up in and it’s easy to remove if necessary. 

Scurtain Unisex Slipper Socks

If you want to remove your shoes, but still have some coverage, pack these slipper socks. These are lightweight enough to fit in your personal carry-on item. Just put these on as your flight gets underway. They have an easy slip-on design and add a bit of warmth to your feet. These socks keep your feet warm and are way more stylish and hygienic than just wearing your socks or being barefoot.


For a great 2-piece set, this tracksuit creates a cohesive look and is made of breathable material. It’s that perfect combo of material that’s warm but not stifling. Also, unlike a hoodie that you have to remove by pulling it over your head, this jacket has a zipper. Just wear your favorite cotton T-shirt underneath and unzip or remove the jacket if you get too hot. 

Heated Eye Mask

Heated Eye Mask
$49.99 ($49.99 / Count)
Heated Eye Mask

A great eye mask that blocks out annoying light can certainly help you sleep better on a plane. This mask takes things up a notch as it’s heated. It has two heat levels that soothe tired eyes. There’s a 15-minute automatic shutoff so no need to worry about this overheating. Also, the design of the mask, including the contoured nose, keeps out unwanted light. 

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