If you ask cigar lovers about the appeal, you’ll get a few different answers. For some, it’s a symbol of sophistication and status. Others are drawn to the rich taste and aroma. Just one puff is enough to induce a pleasant buzz. All of these vary depending on the quality and the brand.

Whether you’re a casual smoker or want to learn about cigar production, these destinations may be of interest.


No cigar travel list is complete without Cuba.

The island’s warmth and good vibes provide the perfect setting to light up. In Havana alone, there’s no shortage of cigar shops and factories. Here, cigar-making is an art form. If you’d like to learn about that process, book a cigar tour online or through your travel agent.

The Dominican Republic

Respected cigar brands like La Flor Dominicana and Arturo Fuente are Dominican. If you’re looking for expert advice on what cigar is best for your tastes and budget, check out Cigar Country between Santo Domingo and Punta Cana. They also offer private and group tours.

Las Vegas

Cigars fit nicely with this city’s adult image.

There are excellent cigar lounges along The Strip, and some are part of major hotels. In Caesars Palace, there’s Montecristo Cigar Bar. You can bring your own cigars or purchase them on-site. To further the relaxation experience, sip a cocktail and check out some sports on the TV.

Other places that sell cigars or allow you to smoke them include Rhumbar, Whiskey Down, and the Davidoff of Geneva Cigar Lounge.


Compared to Cuba and the Dominican Republic, it’s easy to overlook Honduras in the cigar department, but experts say this is a mistake.

Brands like Gran Habano and Puros Indios are produced in this Central American country. If you’re in Danlí, pay a visit to the Plasencia Cigar Factory, one of the oldest in Honduras.


Africa may not spring to mind when you think of cigars. However, Bongani Cigars in Mozambique hopes to go toe to toe with Cuba.

Every inch of the Bongani cigar is proudly African. The tobacco is grown in Mozambique’s Manica Province, the wrappers are from Cameroon, and the cigar is aged in Ghanaian cedar.